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Light the candle, watch the flame
Feel the heat, sense the shame
Hide the cuts, cover despair
Dress up, then re-dye the hair

deep in the utter silence, the darkness carassess me
i feel its coldness creep up like a lion creeps up on a lamb
its passion for blood like a madman, it just keeps wanting more
i find myself passionate for the utter silence of the darkness

sitting in a room
a blade across my wrists
waiting for my doom
which death has brought with a cold kiss

i wake up to the screams in my ear
i want them to leave but they always come nearer
i hate you, your ugly, and stupid they say
they sit there and just claw me away

looking back on all we did, i remember very well
you were my childhood sweetheart as much as i could tell
as we grew older things got harder to keep you by my side
then you took miss susie snow to be your lawful wedded bride

chaos overtakes me
everyone flees in agony
i fall in defeat for the battlefield inside me
i wonder if i will ever be free

did it hurt when you fell from heaven
did it hurt when she broke your heart
did it hurt when you broke mine
i loved you so much it hurt inside

Coldness of the mind
The string of life so fine
One stupid mistake and we're done
That's what we get for trying to have fun

the next time it rains
feel the pain
of all the soldiers
loss and gain

start a fire in the heart of the beast
and out of the ashes arrives a new me
the beast strives in me i must do its will
my hands are only made to kill

look past this ugly face you see
past this shell of a coward
past this beaten, bruised, forgotten girl
can't you see i'm guilty

forgive me, im falling, fading into nothingness
please save me, heaven is calling,
but hell is where i belong
lost, even to myself

behind these brown eyes
darkness lies covered by hate, abuse, and pain
behind these brown eyes
my tear soaked battered wrists,

dare i ask
dare i say
what made you this way
defeated and alone

one perfect rose, the very best
everyone chooses the one's outside, afraid of all the rest
one perfect rose, full in bloom
that many people never know its doom


i am quickly fading here then gone tomorrow
i wish my heart was filled with glee but instead its filled with sorrow
i am seperating myself from the world
i want to be myself not just some other girl

silence overtakes her
people push her around and she is always silent
educated people tell her, her past was violent
but noone knows her like he does

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um well im 15 and a freshman i love horror. i love edgar allan poe, edgar gabriel silex, John locke, robert frost, and alfred noyes. I write or draw and sing constantly im a very artsy person i think in so many different ways i contradict myself and do not lack conviction i am simply a new me out of the ashes

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Covering The Pain

Light the candle, watch the flame
Feel the heat, sense the shame
Hide the cuts, cover despair
Dress up, then re-dye the hair
Be a chameleon, blend different shades
Invite friends over, stash all the blades
In bed at night alone and depressed
Remember how you could've changed all of this?

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margaret atkinson Popularity

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