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Margaret Smith was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and lived there until she was 10, when her parents became missionaries and moved the family to Russia. She has lived there for 6 years now, and attends Hinkson Christian Academy. Margaret Smith has two sisters, one older and one younger, and a cat and dog.

Margaret Smith Poems

The Soldier

Living on a silver planet,
Dreaming in greens and blues,
Sprawling on a violet pillow,
His black and white world is gone, vanished in the myriad of hues.


I’ve jumped fences, I’ve climbed walls
I’ve had helping hands and hands that let me fall,
And through it all,
I’ve heard your voice calling my name.

The Other Side

Come sit for a while
Come put a smile back on my face,
Because I just can't keep up with this pace.
Come hold me close

Where Are You Tonight?

It’s a cloudy night
Pure darkness, no light
Nobody in sight
What am I to do?

Prologue (A Haiku)

He did mighty things

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