Maria C. Pires Costa Poems

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Sweet Harmony

There is no wind blowing
The tree stands green, serene.
It enjoys the bird's singing
And wonders: 'What does it mean? '

From Destruction To Reconstruction

From images of devastation,
deep pain, and sometimes even revolt,
come before our eyes living tokens
of humanitarianism, solidarity, cooperation -

... For Our Soul To Nurture

They are friendly, entertaining, mysterious,
Addressing different themes, issues,
Telling us diverse life stories
Much more exciting than news.

A Sweet Haven

Today I'm not in my usual mood
to face things in life as I would...
Sad thoughts of loss of our beloved,
and missing talks of other dearly loved

In Joy And Sorrow

What glorious times she has lived!
Bright days of enthusiasm for her activity
Surrounded by lots of friends and a happy family!
Now treasuring plenty of gifts received...

A Song Of Joy

From the top of the mountains
We breathed the pure air
Enjoying the stunning, awe-inspiring views,
That stretched around there.

A Gesture Of Love

From dawn till dusk
They are compliant
With every principle and task.
They are humble, obedient,

I Wonder...

They say that my lines
convey serenity, peace, harmony.
But I wonder: does it inhabit in those thoughts
some fantasy? A little of bravery?

For Mozambique

We've stared at their faces - desolate, devastated-
By flowing tears flooded.
Every image portrayed
Their lively dreams suddenly disappeared.

A Special Request

I have no time
To waste any longer.
I just want to live
Each day in wonder.

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