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Rating: 4.67

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Keith Oldrey 18 January 2012

Mariann you will survive and find another love

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Keith Oldrey 18 January 2012

There is nothing like a poem to cure a broken heart

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Justice Clarke 16 February 2014

Very nice poems. I hope you can check out some of mine

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Michael Harville 18 January 2014

I love all your poems, so VERY MUCH!

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Afisulahi Maiyegun 18 January 2014

For me, 'Alone' is a good poem; convincing and touching.

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Marquis De Piro 18 January 2014

I was once taught by an Oxford Don that some of the worst poetry was written with the sincerest intentions!

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Rahman Henry 17 January 2014

Long live my poet! I like all of your poems posted here, and would like to read you regularly.

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The Best Poem Of Mariann Gentile


Day by day, I wake alone, in a cold and empty bed,
Day by day, thoughts of you, keep running through my head.
I wake and wish this day would be the one I see your smile
I sit and wait to see your face, I'm living in denial.

Because I know that there's no way that I'll see you today,
And as the sun begins to set, my hopes will slip away.
As darkness covers this cruel world, my heart grows darker too,
And I will whisper to the night how much I long for you.

The stars begin to twinkle, lighting up the sky above,
But the only light I long to see is the light of your love.
I pray tomorrow is that day that I'm holding you tight,
As in my cold and empty bed, I stare alone into the night.

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Mariann Gentile Popularity

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