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I Cultivate The White Rose By Jose Marti.

Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca
por José Martí

Cultivo una rosa blanca

I Lost Previous Poem

What happened, a happening
I lost it
so reddening so greening

What Shall I Write About?

Start with the obvious, the wallpaper,
designs of flowers, purple dead nettles
that I saw near Port Jervis
climbing the scenic route hills and valleys


What are the ingredients that make me happy?
A good conversation, and what makes it good?
Well, going over well known stuff and learning
Something new, (a little vague, sarcastic tone) .


Self-love, how do I do that and why,
Isn't it bad, won't it lead to trouble,
Watch out for lazy still dead body
I esteem myself, because I try to be like straw

Frustrating Navigate Poemhunter

It is the end of the day and I am tired
Not very but the subway ride

Trying to repond pond to the people


What it is... blue palm trees, coconut water
The black volcanic sand of some Greek island
Delos the belly button of the world
The warm Mediterranean, between Africa and

To Beth M.

There are moments when I feel very alone,
As if lost in the hurly-burley of the city

Then I think of you, and your hazel eyes

To Richard O.

Good friend I hesitate to write memories
Was it in the 8th grade when we met
All the horsing around, playing hooky
Getting feels from the girls

I Can'T Remember What I Wanted To Write About

What was it? It was a really good idea, a good feeling,
By the way are these poems to be read aloud as in
Tradition, what about cliches? Are they still Taboo,
I do remember a headline that going to parties is good

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