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Angel Love...

From purity, light and beauty you were seen,
Unique soul - happy laughs and love you bring.
There's been shakes and turns,
I've twisted my design.

No Last Song

Kind and pure in strength - your foundation grounded,
Faith in your planned path - living in full.
Blessed with a gift - unique, unearthly and in certainty
bound for eternity;

You Are All...

In the still dark endless night
I lie awake listening to the distant tick-tock of a clock
You're not here with me my love
And the sudden urge of empty longing comes gushing through

Coming Home

I've fallen into an existence,
Days and months, now nothing makes sense...
Confusion, wondering where I've disappeared to,
When I left and how there seem to be no trace of my soul, I've searched it through

World Of Two...'...'

Eyes wide open- darkness surrounds;
In the distance a rooster sounds his alarm;
The break of dawn;
The sun is about so shine- it's going to be warm!

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