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1. I Will No Longer Be... 5/19/2011
2. I'M Blaming You... 5/20/2011
3. My Life 5/20/2011
4. I Love You 5/20/2011
5. Send Me An Angel 5/20/2011
6. Sad Gurl... 5/23/2011
7. Pain. 5/23/2011
8. Starzz 7/19/2011
9. Dazed-N-Confused 7/19/2011
10. Just One Smile! 7/19/2011
11. His Smile! 7/19/2011
12. L.O.V.E. 7/19/2011
13. Love Never Existed 6/14/2011
14. 6ft Under 7/19/2011
15. Broken Hearted 10/9/2011
16. The Crazy Blade! 10/9/2011
17. So Why Try? 10/9/2011
18. Depressed 10/9/2011
19. All The Hate 10/9/2011
20. Poem 10/9/2011
21. Feeling Torn 10/9/2011
22. Suffocating! 10/9/2011
23. Dead Flower 7/19/2011
24. I Love Him So Much! 9/20/2012

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Sad Gurl...

I look in the mirror and see a sad girl.
A girl that has taken so much pain.
I also see someone who has flaws.
They stick out like a sore thumb.
Tattoos here and there,
Piercings catch your eyes.
Pull them in and spit you out.
That taste nasty.
Stepped on, and thrown around.
You think she is a criminal, and needs to be thrown in jail.
Well you know nothing about her.
She was always alone,
no one to turn to for comfort...
So much more has gone on for this girl to be sad.
But what you don't know is tha she wears her heart on her sleeve.
She ...

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My Life

My life is filled with hurt and pain!
I can never escape it!
Moving inch by inch.
Coming closer to the edge.
I don't know how much longer I can keep going.
I find myself coming short of energy and happyness at the end of the day.
Sitting back, looking at what my life has become.
Realizing it's not worht this pain.
Coming to my senses that I can't keep going on like this.

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