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I hope you see
Though we are of different colors
We are both beautiful.

The fruits on your table
the sweat of the farmer
as you smile on their sweetness
the farmer counts

Don't walk too fast
'cause I might be left behind
don't walk too slow either
'cause you might be left behind.

Forgive me my love
I cannot offer you
the moon and the stars
or even a rainbow

There's nothing you can do
you were created to walk forward.

You can stop there for a while

Have you been there
in the castle of dream?

I've been there

You make me smile
you ease my pain
you give me strength
you give me hope

Life is just like that
sometimes happy
sometimes sad
sometimes funny

Pag-ibig sa bayan
huwag mo lang isigaw
patunayan mo rin
sa pagpapaunlad ng iyong kultura

The night
before your graduation
making curry
with tears in my eyes

The song of the beast
is a song of love
but his voice is so scary
no one dares to listen.

Snow white
snow light
I wish you're here
so we can make together

the color of your eyes
the color of your skin,
the color of your hair
may not be the same with mine...

New year
there's so many things I want to change
and have wanted to change
in the world

If not forever
then let it not be
just give me this chance
to share with you

Sa Pintor
ang langit ay nagkakulay
ang dagat ay nagkakulay
pati na rin ang bundok

Ang pag-ibig mo
ang pag-ibig ko
di maaring ipahayag
di maaring angkinin.

A good leader
is the one
who will lead his people
not to war

Oh, Lord of music
what power do you possess
how come that you have known
what is inside my heart.

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Born in Davao City, Philippines)

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We Are Both Beautiful

I hope you see
Though we are of different colors
We are both beautiful.

We are both beautiful
For we are both children
...Of the world.

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Joseph Reyes 30 September 2019

Good Day mam Marites, mam may I ask your permission to use your poem Pag-ibig sa bayan to used in our office video presentation?

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Thomas Duncky 31 May 2012

Hi Marites i was trying to reach u with a message to ask u for permission if you might allow me to quote your poem 'Thinking Positive' on my blog?

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Marites C. Cayetano Quotes

Oftentimes we embrace change when it requires no sacrifice.

to be great is to be humble and selfless.

Do not plant a seed of hatred today so as not to reap a fruit of vengeance in the future.

Some people succeed because they have learned the art of swallowing their pride swallowing their resentment swallowing their cry for vengeance and they keep on going forward without stopping without looking back to see where they are hit or where they are hurt.

Human will always be higher than animals as long as killing is universally accepted as a crime.

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Marites C. Cayetano Popularity

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