Mark Otieno Poems

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Wrong Type Of Love

You say it's love
You can feel it in your blood
How can that be true?
When its all about money with you

I Stole

I stole a smile from a child
I walked with it for a while
It almost made me cry

You And I

You're the flower and i the bee
You're the root and i the tree
You're the river and i the source
You're the song and i the voice

Someone Perfect

Do you want someone perfect?
Whose skin has no scar
Whose upright at every aspect
Whose dreams shine brighter than the star


Which mask should i wear today?
That will hide away my pain
I'll pick the one with a smile
What if i start to cry?

Love Doesn't Care

She's the apple in my eye
Most think my love is a lie
They say am after her cars and jewels
She always smile and ignore their empty tunes

Goodbye Child

I stared at her nails
As i gave her away
I felt a loneliness
Underneath my breast

Lost Passion

I've lost the drive to write
Am now like a child lost in the night
Confused and scared
Frozen in mind

When You Were Here

The times you were here
I never did notice
I remember you now with every tear
And each time my heart feels empty

In My Dream

Am scared to open my eye
To realize you're not really mine
That it was all but a dream
I feel bad because it felt real

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