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Dream reality,
Dream with dignity,
Dream for humanity,
Dream for prosperity.

Tears that flow like river,
Tears filled with pain,
Tears that attracts the stars at night,
Tears that brings the moonlight alive once more,

A poem to be held

a poem to be fed, with words stronger than the ancient

Is it because of my skin
color you call me a negro,
what about my inner color?
Who am I for you to judge?

She was the darkness within the spirits of the lost ones.
I tried making her seem like the light in the wilderness but she was too ruined just like poetry written by an atrocious soul,
the way she trolled her pathways made those trying to figure her out fall between cracks,
although she was known for her golden silence,

A heart of actuation,
That finds love so romantic,
A heart that is filled with music,
A heart that dances when the music heats it,

Many survived
some took an exist to life
and few got scars, wounds, and bloody noses.

The stronger these words mean,
The faster I'd want to say them unto you.
My heart has always had a place for you,
In gaining your love, I hopefully lean on.

His looks are of a fool,
But talks like a wise one,
His mouth might stench,
But his words are of truth.

I would spoil you with unconditional love endlessly.
I will keep a smile on your face even through rough times.
I will sing you a love song.
I will write you poems like I am right now.

My shelter full of warmth,
Where I'm fully protected,
A place I can call home,
The silence makes it even peaceful,


Telling the untold story of my childhood
Rewinding the despicable memories that withdraws me from fully happiness
To me when I was a little girl
peace meant war

The bravest person, I've ever known
in my whole life. Your boldness
makes me overcome my destress.
You're wise words are stronger than drugs.

He is the way to enlightment,
With his well known judgment,
The master of his domains,
His true color is shown through his pains.

From the day that I set my eyes on your smiling face.
There was something about you that
made me feel like kissing your lips,
and made me feel like loving you more.

Doubtless, I was when I believed in me,
Your fear and disappointment, I see
Regrets and sores always brought me back home,
Mama's comforts made me calm,

Wishing you were my valentine on Valentine's Day
Hoping you'd ask me out anytime from now,
All you could do was ignore me.
Part of me was all about you,

Let your love sparkle brighter
than the night stars.
Cover me up with your warm
embrace, as the romance is in the

My journey seems long,
My path is filled with darkness,
It seems rough and steep,
Am I near?

In the silent dark,
No air to breath within,
Where judgment lays,
Unexpected things take place,

Marlene Rashidi Biography

Hello, My name is Marlene Rashidi, born in Democratic Republic of Congo, grew up in South Africa and Zimbabwe. My family came to the U.S. on December 9th 2009. Graduated from Lincoln High School, Lincoln, NE. I am currently attending University of Nebraska Kearney, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Criminal Justice. I'm an aspiring attorney, but I'm pretty sure that's going to change once I find my deep desire in life that's going to lead me to happiness.)

The Best Poem Of Marlene Rashidi

Dare To Be A Dreamer

Dream reality,
Dream with dignity,
Dream for humanity,
Dream for prosperity.

Dream for a change,
Don't dream with second chances,
For dreaming isn't a duty,
Don't dream a dream full of pity.

Dream to inspire,
Be your own empire,
Be the master of your dreams,
Dream a dream you can claim.

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As long as my eyes are open and realizing that some people could careless about me and that I am the only person that understands me, I am then capable of accomplishing my inner desires.

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Marlene Rashidi Popularity

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