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I was born second in a family of seven in a Christian home in the central province of our country Zambia. Now that my elder sister is dead I'm the first born.

We had plenty of books in our house and I couldn't read, just admiring the pictures in the books. I learnt how to draw from the illustrations I used to find in the stories and then learnt Because I didn't stop for death, it stopped for me, a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Thus developing the interest of composing poem at a tender age. Ever since then m, I I've been composing poems and songs. I'm a Christian and a leader of the church. I oversee several projects and programs in the House of God. A teacher and preacher of the Word. I'm also a worship leader, overseeing the True Worshippers and the Voice of Worship team. A teacher at Arise and Shine Bible Institute.

I have not written so much but I'm still pressing on till I make it. I've written several books spiritual, romantic and fantasy stories though I haven't published any.

The best thing a man can ever do is pen down something that will live on even after his death - a poem!

The Best Poem Of Martin Greyford

Meet Me At The River

i've been far
from you for too long
i guess its time
i'm coming home.

i'm tired of myself
i; m tired of my sin
i'm tired of the negative
things i have done.

o dear God
meet me at the river
where you'll immerse deep
all my fears and sins.

i am ready to become
a new creature
in Christ Jesus
meet me at the river.

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Ho Hum 14 August 2018

Stealing photos again you pain just lifting them off facebook. No morality lets u say what u want about others. Well we we see.

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Paul Romanick 14 August 2018

Your poems are great though some are still in question all the best dear poet

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Michael Sean 13 August 2018

Having people who think like poets is the greatest thing to have ever happened in history

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Eunice Gabriel 13 August 2018

I love your pen dear poet because your poems are filled with love adventure.

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Martin Greyford Quotes

the future of a person lies in his hands

Love can conquer and overcome obstacles in a relationship only with the commitment and trust towards each other.

'A student that honours his master honours himself'

'Love the present, nurture your dreams, and fulfil your responsibilities, and the future will take care of itself.'

'as a believer just know that heaven takes notice of you and hell takes notice of you'

'stigmatisation is only a word to those who doesn't value humanity'

'hiv/aids is not a disease but a health condition in which or where people drag themselves in demonically'

'as a christian whenever you sleep with a girl or woman before or outside marriage, you are linked or initiated to that person demonically'

'patriotism does not come without sacrifice'

'make failure your teacher not your undertaker'

Stupidity is knowing the truth about something and you are not exercising it.

The master key of everything is learning.

Life without teachers will be hard no matter how hard we try.

No man can teach you what God wants to teach you and vice versa.

What you have is raw material

If you learn to hear God you will never miss your destiny.

Life is a lesson! Each and every moment of the day teaches you something!

Never let go of the hand that holds you!

Stupidity is knowing the truth about something and not exercising it.

Nobody knows the truth about you except you yourself!

It does not matter how slow you go as long you don't stop

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Martin Greyford Popularity

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