Losing Your Beloved Woman To Another Man. Poem by Martin Greyford

Losing Your Beloved Woman To Another Man.

Rating: 3.7

Very Soon,
Destiny will put you in the
Midst of a peaceful family,
But it will send me into the
World of struggle and warfare.
You will be in the home of a person whom chance
Has made most fortunate through your beauty and virtue,
While I shall be living a life of suffering and fear.
You will enter the gate of life,
While I shall enter the gate of death.

You will be received hospitably,
While I shall exist in solitude,
But I shall erect a statue of love
And worship it in the valley of death.
Love will be my sole comforter,
And I shall drink love like wine
And wear it like a garment.
At dawn love will wake me from slumber,
And take me to the distant fields,
And at noon it will lead me to the shadows of

Trees where I will find shelter with
The birds from the heat of the sun.
In the evening,
It will cause me to pause before sunset
To hear nature's farewell song to the light of the day
And it will show me ghostly clouds sailing in the sky,
And at night love will embrace me,
And I shall sleep,
Dreaming of the heavenly world where spirits of
Lovers and poets abide.

In the spring I shall walk side by side
With love among violets and roses
And drink the remaining drops of winter in the lily cups.
In summer we shall make the bundles of hay
Our pillow and the grass our bed,
And the blue sky will cover us as we
Gaze at the stars and moon.
In autumn,
Love and I will go to the vineyard and
Sit by the wine-press and watch the grapevines
Being denaded of their golden ornaments.

And the migrating flocks of birds will sing over us.
In winter we shall sit by the fireplace reciting
Stories of long ago and chronicles of far countries.
During my youth, love will be my teacher,
In middle age, my help
and in old age, my delight.
My beloved will stay with me
To the end of my life,
And after death,
The hand of God will unite us again.

Mashiur Rahman 08 January 2021

Nice writing, thanks to share it.. +++10

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Martin Greyford 11 January 2021

thank you for reading and commenting on it

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Eunice Gabriel 13 August 2018

When I first read this poem I almost cried because it's like this poet wrote my love life. You shall enter the gate of life while I shall enter the gate of death. Not only will a man cry losing his beloved woman but we women do cry as well. Thanks for sharing your poem.I give you 10

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Denis Mair 07 August 2018

You are a true believer in love's possibilities. Viewed from one aspect, love is fleeting; it is a child of the moment. But to the true believer it is forever conserved, like matter that cannot be created or destroyed, but can only change form. When two people are together, it flashes up at one point. When two people separate, the love has to go somewhere. Your poem tells us where it goes.

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Dr Antony Theodore 06 August 2018

While I shall be living a life of suffering and fear. You will enter the gate of life, While I shall enter the gate of death......... i shall live dreaming of the world of love where heavenly spirits fall in love. a very nice poem......... love and despair.. it is a terrible emotional event if it is true....... but there are so many in this world who seek for your love and care......... she is not the only woman in this world. take courage. pray and move on........ tony

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