On This Our Wedding Day Poem by Martin Greyford

On This Our Wedding Day

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I never knew it could lead to this
We were both so young
When we first met.

We grew up in each other's eyes.
We watched ourselves fade away
From teenagehood into young adults.

It took a millenium mile journey
For us to reach this very stage.
We witnessed several breakups
Within ourselves -

But yet we're still running strong together,
Chasing dreams and catching nightmares at times.

We were hiding
It's time we come on the open
No more fear
But courage within
Our deepest Sorrows.

We fought;
On reasons unknown.
We laughed and at somepoints
Watched the memories burn with hatred towards us.

But that couldn't stop us
Coming back together ageain
And see us now
Oh oh oh
See us now.

It took a thousand suns
A million winds and
A billion rains for us to stand strong.

See it yourself;
A multitude of people have come
To witness this beautiful day and

On this our wedding day,
I vow to stand with you
In everything pertaining to our livelihood.

On this our wedding day
I pledge a legiance to you my love.

Take a move,
Dance with me
With the tune of our love

On this our wedding day,
It was only you
And it will be only you.

Monday, January 10, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: wedding,marriage
Evelyn Morianos 10 January 2022

Absolutely beautiful. You have really captured your love story in prose

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Daniel Banda 21 July 2022

beautiful poem penned down

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Chinedu Dike 11 January 2022

A beautiful love poem written from the heart, lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched...

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Martin Greyford 16 January 2022

You inspire me to continue writing

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David Wood 10 January 2022

Absolutely beautiful, and may you have a happy, long and fruitful marriage.

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Martin Greyford 16 January 2022

Surely it has to be recited

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 10 January 2022

beautiful let god bless yr union

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Martin Greyford 16 January 2022


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Jayne Davies 10 January 2022

Lovely words x Wonderful poem x

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Martin Greyford 16 January 2022

Much appreciated dear poet

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