Marwa Rakha

Rookie (4 October 1974 / Cairo)

Marwa Rakha Poems

1. Connected 4/8/2008
2. Growing 4/8/2008
3. The Toilet Seat 4/8/2008
4. Loneliness 4/8/2008
5. The Pair Of Boots 1/7/2009
6. Air 10/21/2009
7. The Statue 8/3/2008
8. Dear God 10/29/2009
9. Dear Man.. You Are Not The Best 10/29/2009
10. Dear Man... Dear Dorian Gray 10/29/2009
11. The Clown 1/7/2009
12. Dear Man: I Want To Have Your Baby 10/29/2009
13. The Little Man 1/7/2009
14. Nothing! 10/9/2007
15. The Funfair 10/9/2007
16. Believe 7/27/2008
17. The Magic Mirror 10/9/2007
18. The Washing Machine 7/27/2008
19. You Are Mine 7/11/2008
Best Poem of Marwa Rakha

You Are Mine

I will dropp you in the deepest of oceans
but like a message in a bottle
you will swim to my shore.

I will fly you in the highest of skies
but like a homing pigeon
you will land on my window.

I will let you loose in the busiest of streets
but like a domestic cat
you will stray back to my door.

I will throw you out in the coldest of nights
but like a christmas gift
you will adorn my tree.

I will let you go and walk away
but like the son I never had
I will hear you calling my name.

When you were not looking,
in your core
I ...

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In the dim light of the room I caught your eyes
wandering in my face;
feeling the fine lines that are bound to sink deeper.
Yes I will have wrinkles.
I am not growing any younger.

Under the faint light our silent still eyes met,
you saw four or five white hairs that sprung on top of my crown.
Why were you surprised?

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