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m'a pris

me défaire

Step by step
I fall in the grave
Little by little
I cried in hell

Étape par étape
Je tombe dans la tombe
Peu à peu
M'écriai-je en enfer

I have found the truth
It leaked the night
I have closed the sights
Its scented feel applied


calculated life
designed tragedy
clueless fortune
limited desires

Without a trace, arise
Off behest alike
<> moi Rani

a piece
far from scantiness

The resound bounces in the midst of sorrow
A glance in my sonorous soul that dwells out
Gorgeous flashy thoughts came out to dissipate
Stentorian! My boisterous devotion profoundly depressed!

the gentle breeze inspire
soothing in the morning to aspire

a forty winks descends


I couldn’t find the words
Words that may lift me
To go somewhere that I never see
I want to sojourn

You don't know, how i've been waiting of loving you always and by this time the true romance come in, there are thoughts of sana'y laging ganito and ok lang ako but the fairy tale we created brought a smile.

I thought everything would not end
And the tomorrow’s farewell is the sweetest
I could have maundered
But the still’s silence washed my soughs

My heart was filled with despondency
Silence was over me
The emptiness I feel…exasperating
And the shallows was defined

'i don't see it'

there were junctures
a tribulation of my relic

It was the autumn of grandiose
Everything was noteworthy
The perturbation filled in and out
It was a state of equanimity

</>There were shadows that suddenly vanishes
Over the air, over the sky, over the moon
I’d rather try to die than to live
In the sumptuous clone of my dilapidated life

A shabby I am
An aeon to befall
My burning fortitude
Ardor! To be displeased

I tried and imitidated a notion for destiny
And god's for everyone and not predestinated
The remnant struggle of reclaiming past
Is beyond and chimerically apprehended

Foray and impetuous
The insalubrious notion
And the myopic's quest

Marx Lenn Mendoza Biography

Marx Lenn started in choreography during his first year in high school. For four consecutive years he became their subdivision's primary and one of the most respected choreographer after having award winning choreography on arts performances. In his college years, he entered the world of writing. 'University Voice' an award winning publication and attained the position as News Editor in his 4th year. To date, he already created more than 40 poems, both unpublished and published. Also, in this year he were able to start directing stage plays and stage perfomances such as threatrical and concert shows. Marx Lenn is also inclined in architectural arts such as skyscrappers, a soprano singer, and a psychology major. To date, Marx Lenn is still composing poems, architectural designs, and singing in soprano as pleases his passion in doing such stuffs. In 2009 he re-invented himself and had voice training and well-known in technique of singing soprano. In 2010, he became a finalist in a local singing contest. Minor but not a bad start. Looking forward for more in the future.)

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Embolie Décrochage

m'a pris

me défaire

briller moi

me relâcher

Y at-il bon?



m'a choisi

Occasion moi

pouvons-nous simplement

survolé un peu plus?


négociés moi

crave en moi

flaunt moi

Est-ce ce qu'il devrait être?

Permettez-moi de

Be Me


me trahir

et Let It Be... telle qu'elle


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Marx Lenn Mendoza Popularity

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