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I'm afraid to live in this world
the world has become a place
which is not safe for women

I can see a smile in your face all the time
I can see you speak so nicely all the time
I miss you like anything

Once Albert Einstein said to Charlie Chaplin
You are really great!
you don't speak a word
but the whole world

My mind being empty
and it is hard to write something
from an empty mind.
Where did all the letters go?

I love it, when it rains
I love the cool breeze around me,
feels like tucking myself
under the blanket,

Thanks for all the great things you gave me
Thanks for all the wonders you showed me
Thanks for the pain you gave me
which made me stronger than before

You mean so much to me
you are there always
in my heart,
Your voice always echoes

It's time to say goodbye
to the time we had together
It's time to say goodbye
to the desks and benches

Thank you lord for giving me
such a wonderful life

Thank you lord

The bird flew away
breaking the cage of madness

Where are those beautiful trees
which shed its leaves and flowers
all year long

I searched for him everywhere
but I couldn't find him any where!
I don't know why,
I don't know why,

Look at the sky
Look at those beautiful stars
Look at the moon
and see how gloriously it shines

Sorry my dear for stealing your heart
or did you leave it here on purpose
and make others call me a thief? .

I love you more than any thing.
I love you more and more.
Everyday I wake up seeing you,
seeing you in my dreams.

Feeling so relaxed
like sleeping in a cradle.
Cradle of your love
love to hear

I never thought coming after you
will make a big fuss in my life

I never thought searching the

By the time we realise
why we are born
we will be at the last part of the play

There is no doubt my friend
who the trouble maker is
it is me..
It is me as usual

I hate those who pretend to be nice
when they are not
I hate those who pretend to be good
when they are not

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I Am Afraid To Live In This World

I'm afraid to live in this world
the world has become a place
which is not safe for women

we should even fear our own shadows
we couldn't predict when those
hands of the evil
will grab us
and teare us into pieces

we have hearts!
we have souls!
we are human beings like you all.

when i remember that day.
The day when the dreams of a girl
where destroyed by those
cold blooded ones
A day in Delhi
that none of us forgets.

The reward that they got
but is it enough for what they have done?

this is the cry of every girl,
not just me
who is not safe
even in her mothers' womb.

A girl of two or a lady in her seventies
should fear the world
should fear the ones
who hides in the darkness to grab her,
to grab her into its darkness.
for her,
death hides in the streets
in its corners,
around her,
it hides in the air she breathes.

This damn world!
this bloody damn world is not safe for me,
not safe for you,
not safe for any one!

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