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Mary Angela Douglas Poems

161. Sleigh Bells From Mahler Drifted Near 8/24/2014
162. Bluebird 8/24/2014
163. Un Petit Cortege Minus The Rainbows 8/25/2014
164. They Come No More 8/25/2014
165. Can A Word Be Mapped 8/25/2014
166. Beauty Remembers The Poet 8/25/2014
167. Philippe Petit: Balanced On His Best Day 8/25/2014
168. Oh, Singing Once More To The Cranberry Skies 8/25/2014
169. Floretti Of The Hidden Stars Who Has 8/25/2014
170. Slipper Song With A Matching Dress 8/25/2014
171. Amaryllis Ah The Lily Light 8/25/2014
172. The Princess Missing Poetry At The Sold Out County Fair 8/25/2014
173. I Saw The Lights Go Down On Vivid Lines Written For Heart's Ease 8/26/2014
174. Lament On The Echoing Green 8/26/2014
175. The Lacework Of The Day Remains 8/26/2014
176. In The Closet With His Peach Sunsets 8/26/2014
177. Moonlight Never Melting, Mirrors Of The Rose 8/26/2014
178. As If It Could Be That Way 8/26/2014
179. Spring At The Academy, And In A Floor Length Gown 8/26/2014
180. The Merchant Returns To Beauty 8/26/2014
181. Corina In Her Red Shoes 8/26/2014
182. Alice In A Blue Gown Wondering 8/26/2014
183. I Will Return To You, My City Of Emeralds 8/26/2014
184. I Saw The Ghost Of Walter De La Mare 8/24/2014
185. And Now The Commedia Del'Arte Is Leaving 8/24/2014
186. Beribboned Stand-Alone Petticoats 8/24/2014
187. Dear Poems We Will Dress You Up Like Paper Dolls 8/24/2014
188. Pasting The Book Of Hearts By The Paper Doll Stream 8/24/2014
189. Has Anyone Seen My Red Velveteen Flats 8/24/2014
190. The Novel Is A Dollhouse 8/26/2014
191. The Islands Off The Lost Coast Of Monet 8/26/2014
192. Lion (And You Know Which One) 8/26/2014
193. Another Shop On The Street With Mary Poppins 8/27/2014
194. A Prayer For The Unsuspecting 8/27/2014
195. The Poets Behold From Heaven Their Words Ploughed Under 8/27/2014
196. The Striped Goodness Of The Candy Cane Carousels 8/27/2014
197. After The Firebirds Leave The Paintings 8/24/2014
198. It's The Dark Geranium Skies That Make Me Weep 8/24/2014
199. And Though The Looking Glass Hours Should Turn To Snow 8/24/2014
200. I Dreamed Of A Language 8/27/2014

Comments about Mary Angela Douglas

  • Ann Buermann Wass (7/6/2018 5:47:00 AM)

    Was thinking about you recently and wondering if I could find you. Remember our days at Fontbonne together?

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  • Prabhata Kumar Sahoo Prabhata Kumar Sahoo (5/8/2017 11:54:00 PM)

    I love your poet'page.I am tempted to read more about your works after going thru a few.

  • Is It Poetry James Mclain Is It Poetry James Mclain (11/15/2016 10:55:00 AM)

    Few have the honesty
    As do you
    To have like you the truth
    As you speak in your
    Biography .. James

  • Mary Angela Douglas Mary Angela Douglas (7/2/2016 4:10:00 PM)

    Thank you for your kind comment Odiete. I believe that poetry and being a poet is from God. If there is any vastness in my poems it comes from my being happy to think about the vastness of God. We are all vast in Him I like to think too. My versatility comes from having a scattered, butterfly like brain that likes to flit from flower to flower in terms of topics to think about (why I always had trouble with writing research papers in school at the last minute; not from procrastination, just from liking too much to research and keep finding things out without drawing conclusions. Heaven will be at least in part, for me, I think, the joy of NEVER AGAIN HAVING TO DRAW CONCLUS9ONS! God bless you a abundantly in your continuing (and already eternal) life as a poet. Thank You. Mary Angela Douglas

  • Ovi-enita Odiete Ovi-enita Odiete (7/2/2016 3:44:00 PM)

    You are such a Vast, Versatile and talented Poetess.....

Best Poem of Mary Angela Douglas

The Names Of Things

to Ray Bradbury, looking back, or forward

the names of things we held in our heart
when alphabets foundered and worlds came apart
and the clouds drifted over mindless borders

and were crucified.
the names of things, the orange and the lemon
the midnight zither and the bluebird plans

the tissue paper birthdays at a secret command
all disappeared, their ribbons curling.
all but the names we taught our children to revere and

year past year,
never to split the silver from the rains,
to refrain from negating the Soul.

and ever to stow the...

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Selling Garcia-Lorca

.'...a las cinco de la tarde' -Federico Garcia-Lorca

selling garcia-lorca
I walked to the edge of
the olive groved sea

and wept into it
the citrus stars shone
down on the last moon

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