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Mary Angela Douglas Poems

161. Enough Reasons To Leave 2/26/2016
162. Even A Stone Chirping In The Road 2/26/2016
163. This Pageant Procession Of Angels 2/26/2016
164. As If It Were Christmas Flowering 2/26/2016
165. Living Outside Stale Customs Of The World 2/26/2016
166. Directive Under Moonlight 2/26/2016
167. The Dream Of The Little Playhouse 2/25/2016
168. There Is A Knight On The Edge Of My Butter Knife 2/26/2016
169. Stay But Don't Stay 2/26/2016
170. Into The Greenwoods 2/26/2016
171. The Steps You Take In A Mist 2/26/2016
172. Who Was John Whiteside's Daughter? 2/26/2016
173. All I Know At Christmas 2/26/2016
174. Monologue On Another Day 2/26/2016
175. The River 2/26/2016
176. Invisible Piano 2/26/2016
177. Thinking They Are Jewels 2/26/2016
178. How Can I Praise Beautiful Poems 2/26/2016
179. Small Mermaid Showered With Roses 2/26/2016
180. Let's Make A Layer Cake Of Happiness 2/26/2016
181. A Prayer In Winter 2/26/2016
182. Someday I Will Find The Dollhouse: A Doll's Ghost Story 2/27/2016
183. Rare Words Were In My Shoes 2/27/2016
184. A Christmas Day Prayer A Little Late 2/27/2016
185. First Days At School And After 2/27/2016
186. At The First Harsh Word 2/27/2016
187. All Your White Legends 2/27/2016
188. Legend 2/27/2016
189. The Blue Skied Books Of Andrew Lang 2/27/2016
190. They Seem Ashamed Of So Many Things I Am Fond Of 2/27/2016
191. Making A Cake In Time Of War 2/27/2016
192. Leaving Home Should Always Be This Way 2/27/2016
193. Doll Translation No.1 2/27/2016
194. The Map Is A Mist You Have To Know That 2/27/2016
195. I Had Golden Apples 2/27/2016
196. Pity The Beautiful Word That Cannot Chime 2/27/2016
197. Describing Your Disease 2/27/2016
198. Fizzy 2/27/2016
199. Ode To Our Dog Back Then Or We Had A Dog Like That, Too, Charlie Schulz 2/27/2016
200. Holly Ball Trellised And Trellised, Next Time In Rose Velveteen 2/27/2016

Comments about Mary Angela Douglas

  • Prabhata Kumar Sahoo Prabhata Kumar Sahoo (5/8/2017 11:54:00 PM)

    I love your poet'page.I am tempted to read more about your works after going thru a few.

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  • Is It Poetry James Mclain Is It Poetry James Mclain (11/15/2016 10:55:00 AM)

    Few have the honesty
    As do you
    To have like you the truth
    As you speak in your
    Biography .. James

  • Mary Angela Douglas Mary Angela Douglas (7/2/2016 4:10:00 PM)

    Thank you for your kind comment Odiete. I believe that poetry and being a poet is from God. If there is any vastness in my poems it comes from my being happy to think about the vastness of God. We are all vast in Him I like to think too. My versatility comes from having a scattered, butterfly like brain that likes to flit from flower to flower in terms of topics to think about (why I always had trouble with writing research papers in school at the last minute; not from procrastination, just from liking too much to research and keep finding things out without drawing conclusions. Heaven will be at least in part, for me, I think, the joy of NEVER AGAIN HAVING TO DRAW CONCLUS9ONS! God bless you a abundantly in your continuing (and already eternal) life as a poet. Thank You. Mary Angela Douglas

  • Ovi-enita Odiete Ovi-enita Odiete (7/2/2016 3:44:00 PM)

    You are such a Vast, Versatile and talented Poetess.....

Best Poem of Mary Angela Douglas

Backstory Breakfast For 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

to my Grandmother

the peacock visions preen: sheer emerald,
turquise, gold paint dribbled dream
down the chins of the boo-less
(don't eat so slow, dear)
with a thousand eyes blinking
losing the contest

if you'll stare hard enough, long enough
piercing through the sheen.
so the child at her oatmeal heard

her Grandmother; pouring the cream
like a lake into the bowl lit with
islands of pure marigold butter.

-study hard to know the angel music
beginning with the first measure
she twirled the piano stool that afternoon

and ...

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to William Blake

I saw you walking
the hills of green,
angels on either side of you, conversing

and cherry-bought bells resounding.
in the dove-sought skies such flame-tinged
clouds appearing:

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