Mary Angela Douglas Poems

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The Names Of Things

to Ray Bradbury, looking back, or forward

the names of things we held in our heart
when alphabets foundered and worlds came apart

A Sparkling Ensued

to my sister, Sharon,
and all her glistening music

go deeper into the woods soothed my pages,

Fare Thee Well: To My Grandfather Milton B. Young

my memory's screen door opens to the stars;
there's my Grandfather in the yard
gazing up at the constellations


we make useful things: things that won't shatter.
we make useful things, things that Matter.
think of a wave on the sea, I said;

A Visitation

song itself came to the back stairs of the castle
in a drenching rain
like the princess in old fairy stories, refrains

Notes In The Snow

what if we wrote notes in the snow

here we were when the birds finished the breadcrumb trail

Last Minute Christmas Eve 1964

last minute drugstore gifts are best for pure excitement!
someone's sure to want just one more box of
chocolate covered cherries-

I Wrote On A Page Of Light

I wrote on a page of light;
it vanished.
then there was night.

Catalpa Tree In The District (Final Version)

once I loved a catalpa tree

because its leaves stirred heart shaped in the wind

And This Is Music

[to God our Father]

this is to the One who caused, who causes
music to arise though He is denied

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