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"The Cheshire Cat" 😿 left his hole,
But left without his grin, you see!
And went to visit this town, he did not know.
Seeking his way to be!

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The Cheshire Cat

"The Cheshire Cat" 😿 left his hole,
But left without his grin, you see!
And went to visit this town, he did not know.
Seeking his way to be!

For he wanted not, too be found guilty?
From the judge and jury,
Of the "King and Queen! "
"For off with his head, " would surely be said,
So he found their city's ring!

The town he came too, was made like a large "dessert, "
With hot chili peppers and things.
And it was hot, really hot;
As hot as a town could be!

So onward he looked, down all the streets,
So very far down, he really did go.
Passing each and everyone that he could meet,
As he followed their glistening roads.

He went all over the city's sites,
To see what he wanted too be!
But, he looked so much like the saddest of cats,
For, Chester lost his only true beam! !

He looked all over, the town he found,
To see to what he wanted to see.
He saw these blinking of lights out there,
Like no other lights, he had seen before?
Just blinking away throughout the night,
On each and every store!

And then he thought and began to say,
"Not only do I think, I lost my grin?
I think I have lost my mind;
Along with my sight to see! "

"For I see, I do, but it's the two of you, Β 
That I can see of you! "
"Oh, dearest too me, what am I too do,
With the likes of the two of you? "

And what he had see, in his large "dessert" town,
Was totally made golden of money!
Not like the town, where the "King and Queen" stayed,
For it was made purely like honey!
Ha! Ha!
And where he landed,
Of course on his feet!
"The Cheshire Cat" 🐱,
Gained back his lost grin?

Las Vegas was the name of the town he found, Β 
And now he was going to win!
"Ha! Ha! "

Las Vegas was the name of the town, by golly,
But he had too get lost and never be found!
So never did he ever look back again,
To the hole in the ground of that town!

That town or their town,
Alice had named it,
She named it for the "King and the Queen."
She called her town that she had named,
"Alice's Town of Wonderland",

After falling into their hole of their schemes!
But never, did she ever, like that town with its hole?
For she felt like one of their moles,
It did seem!

Now, "Chester the Cat" what was he too say,
When he looked over all of his newtown?
"What will I see that is new, " He said.
"In my new town I found? "
"What on earth, is here new for me too view? "

Flashing Flamingos over all the streets?
Or gold over all of the front's of the hotels.
Because in the town "Chester" had found,
Everything was made golden of Money?
Not like the town, Alice had named,
For, it was made purely of Honey!

So what did ole' Chester do, with all of these things,
That he had been blessed too receive?
Now, you'll be surprised, at the end of my book,
To see what that ole' crazy cat, really did do,
With all of their precious things!

Now Alice did find "The Cheshire Cat 🐱, "
For she was given that one job too do!
She followed him there, throughout his town, Β 
To see what he came there, too lute!

But Alice, poor Alice!
Never did she catch up with him,
And decided to go back too her chute.
So once again she did return,
To her hole and her rightful roots.

Jumping so fast, back down and around,
Deeper and deeper she goes.Β Β 
Falling and falling back down and around,
Deeply inside her hole.
Back too where she had come so from,
Back there to put on a show!

And when she arrived,
To the "Red Queen's, GRANDEST ROOM, "
She thence too commence her WOE?
Alice told the "King and Queen, "
Your judge and jury must go.
For, "Chester the Cat 🐈, " did do for you,
Exactly what he was told!

And she came back down, swirling all around,
To say one time, this final time.
Your JUDGE and JURY must go!
Ha! Ha!

The ole' grinning cat was asked just once,
If he wanted to work in a career? Β 
And "Chester the Cat 🐱, " decided he would,
For, what indeed here, could he fear!

So, they gave him a job,
With flashing girls, dancing all around.
And the drinks he had that he did pour,
Were bought by the new town he found.
And the job they gave him,
Was too serve them, too all that came around?

"Chester the Cat 🐱, "
Did do so well, at his new job,
And he did it justly for you!
And the job they gave him, in his town,
Was exactly what he wanted, too DO! Β Β 

Free drinks that night,
He freely DID serve!
For, "Chester the Cat 🐱, " was never too go back,
Or return, too that crazy "HERD! "

And the job they gave him,
Brought him to riches and fame!
For "Chester the Cat 🐱", did do so well, at his job,
He deserved whatever he gained!

But he looked over all, of what they gave,
Over all that richness of gold!
And he stood up to them, for the first time and said,
"But I really have gotten so old! "

"So, what was he too do, with all of these things,
That he was so blessed too receive? "
All of these riches that I have gained,
Came from the work, that we each had to do.
Isn't that, what you all do believe? "

And all of what he had seen that day,
And all of what he had gained!
And all of his thought's came down too this one last thing,
That he had too give his riches away!

For a thank you is worth,
A zillion times more!
From his newest and truest of friends,
That came to his party that day! Β 

It made ole' "Chester" feel, so heartfelt rich,
That he didn't know what too say?
With all of these things, that I have been so blessed too receive,
And all of what you gave?
Then something just clicked, inside his head.
That he knew what he needed to say!

"My riches do come with my BIGGEST THANK YOU!
And gratitude for what you have given too me, on this most important day!
For this is worth more, than everything else,
That I would have ever had gained!

And "Chester the Cat 🐱" did say that he would always stay,
Closer to you, as promised to do.
And never did he ever leave them again,
For he kept his promises true?

His town did promise to give Chester a street with his name;
And they kept their promises, too!
So they gave him the keys to his new town, that he had found,
Along with cutting a red ribbon for them, at the end of the day.
So, can anyone tell me the name of his new street,
Do you have a good clue?
For, "Chester the Cat", did stay with his people, I will say!

So have you ever been down, " The Cheshire Cat 🐱 boulevard? "
It's made of richness in gold!
And "Chester the Cat 🐱, " who carried the name of the street,
Was never to be seen or sought, till the day he was found so old! Β Β 

Chester started telling his story to them,
So everyone would always know.
Just why did you all think I stayed in this town,
When I could have walked away and been gone.
I had to give you thanks again,
That's why I stayed in town.
I have so much that I can say, that I wanted you to know,
There is another reason I stayed, it's because I love you so.

And I gave my riches and gifts away,
But I definitely took, that much more!
Though poorer the salary you offered me here,
I left my heart and the lute by the door, in a store!
For, Alas, Alas I'm free, dear Alice,
Alas, Alas, I'm free!

Then Chester walked back down,
"The Cheshire Cat 🐱, Boulevard."
Just singing and grinning, so big in my sight,
All the way home, back that one night.
Back the way too thee, you do see!
Back the way too me...!

πŸ”œ The EndπŸ”š

As Ever,
Author Moxie and Me
@ Mary Ellen Campbell,
Publishing by Wattpad
Authorhouse's Publishing
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August,15 2017

This book was written entirely from a prompt given to me by a club for a contest that I won first place in. Thank you so much for the award. To the @WonderlandBCWattpad
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