Farewell, Chubby Poem by Mary Jesusa Villegas

Farewell, Chubby

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As I make this poem, tears run uncontrollably in my eyes.
For my cousin, who died of leukemia at a very young age of 14.

Farewell, Chubby
As I write this poetry
The nails were hammered right at me
Why would I be
hurt this much?
I never thought that I am really
in this nightmare
this sad story.
And as I write this poetry
I have to be
to face
these sentiments
these emotions
to reveal the pain to all of you
That I am really indenial
and scared
to write these two words but
Farewell, Chubby.

Farewell, Chubby
As I write this poetry
I remembered when I was in Grade Three
You cried and dared to fight
with an invisible enemy
I was hit and run.
That was sweet.
I knew this cousin of mine
really loved me.

Farewell, Chubby
and your little pranks at me
I was having some
business in the bathroom
And you and Joy
banged the door loudly
You laughed so hard
And I pictured in my mind
Colorful hot air balloons
in the patch of blue sky
Farewell, Chubby
That was real Comedy.

Farewell, Chubby
As I write this poetry
I realized how lonely and busy
we became in our own
and we didn't see that you're
suffering and lonely too
while trying to be in accord

Farewell, Chubby
This Christmas will be sad and gloomy
Because when I will count everyone
who's on the jeepney
I know there's a missing piece left
You would be the one who would
take turns to carry
Vincent or Miyuki
or make them sit on your lap
When they were babies
As we happily
our Godfathers and Goidmothers
and we cheered as they give us
gifts or money
This Christmas will not be so merry
and Farewell, Chubby.

Farewell, Chubby
As I write this poetry
I asked God this query
Was I that coward
that He would not permit me
to be with everybody
and to see them all crying,
sobbing, screaming and weeping?
I am in a faraweay land
I won't cry but
I am all alone
Mourning then disbelieving
My mind won't try
to absorb the bad news
that I got in the morning.

God please save Vinzon!
God, please save Vinzon!

He's so young and lively
He's so young and lovely
He's so young and..

'God, please save Vinzon.'
It was around 1am
and I didn't think that
as I closed my eyes
would close his

Farewell, Chubby.

Farewell, Chubby
But not on my last memory
of you
You knocked at the door
along with Tito and your little brother
And I complimented you
You're not plump nor Chubby
and you're on your way into a handsome and
full-grown man.
But you're still our very own

Farewell, Chubby
I will miss your Chubby smile
and your bubbly
and your plump body
And as I write this poetry
I am pushing myself
to be brave constantly
I must face these sad rhymes
of your little story.
These nails will mark us
so greatly
But those were the good memories
So long
We love you
We'll miss you very much and
Farewell, Chubby.

Dave Walker 28 October 2011

A beautiful poem, and a beautiful tribute.

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Ency Bearis 28 October 2011

So sad, and heart rending poem, hope this can be read by your cousin for its a nice farewell poem

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