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Alone With You

Alone with you

Alone with you is where I long to be
Alone with her is where you are free

Ray Of Light

You came to me a ray of light abruptly emerging through uncertain skies,
Touching the Earth in a single eruption of force.
Your piercing eyes as deep as the sky is profound.
Your mouth as welcoming as the clouds are ceaseless.


My Dandelion; From what sun-kissed breeze did you arrive?
Sweeping through my hair and across my lips,
Ever so gently fondling my heart.
Your softness eludes me like the darkness of a midnight sky.


Alas, 'tis the season for my heart to love.
A crisp Monday morning; bustling bodies align the streets, shoving off to their jobs.
The salty pavement ahead reflects only visions of those deep, radiant morsels; portals to your soul, summonsing me until all else becomes a faint muffle.
The CD spins a kaleidescope of yesterday's images while rendering me incoherent.

Rainbow Sonnet

All my days I have sought you like a flower following the sun; grasping for every morsel of light.
The river of my essence has flowed to your inviting ocean; spinning in a cyclone of wildfire.
My heart has become encapsulated by the sands of your shores, sucking me into euphoria.
Love has encumbered my heart like that of a mother to her newborn child.

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I was born and raised in the small, rural town of Morganton, in western NC. As a young 'tomboy', I grew up in a male-dominated neighborhood where I partook in athletic endeavors that inevitably led me to become a 4-sport letterman in High School. I graduated from Freedom High School in 1991, a U.S. Army Scholar-Athlete (given each year to one mal ...

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