Rainbow Sonnet

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All my days I have sought you like a flower following the sun; grasping for every morsel of light.
The river of my essence has flowed to your inviting ocean; spinning in a cyclone of wildfire.
My heart has become encapsulated by the sands of your shores, sucking me into euphoria.
Love has encumbered my heart like that of a mother to her newborn child.
This raging heart beats in tune with the algorithmic drum of a mad tribesman;
My chest concaves at the mere idea of your mouth.
The pit of my stomach blossoms like a rose then explodes with the rapture of a dandelion caught in the wind.
I love you effortlessly yet with the force of a thousand horses.
I know not the faces in the crowd, nor the sounds behind me when you are near.
It is only through the reality of your amber eyes that fortitude is revealed to my existence in the World.
It has always been you and I; waiting and watching until timing was impeccable.
Your thoughts, your feelings, your beauty have exuded me into a realm I've never visited.
You are the perfect rainbow after a lifetime of storms.

Cliff Morman 03 February 2005

I liked the way you put this together it has a nice touch on the end thanks Cliff

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