Mary Lyle Poems

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Alone With You

Alone with you

Alone with you is where I long to be
Alone with her is where you are free

Ray Of Light

You came to me a ray of light abruptly emerging through uncertain skies,
Touching the Earth in a single eruption of force.
Your piercing eyes as deep as the sky is profound.
Your mouth as welcoming as the clouds are ceaseless.


My Dandelion; From what sun-kissed breeze did you arrive?
Sweeping through my hair and across my lips,
Ever so gently fondling my heart.
Your softness eludes me like the darkness of a midnight sky.


Alas, 'tis the season for my heart to love.
A crisp Monday morning; bustling bodies align the streets, shoving off to their jobs.
The salty pavement ahead reflects only visions of those deep, radiant morsels; portals to your soul, summonsing me until all else becomes a faint muffle.
The CD spins a kaleidescope of yesterday's images while rendering me incoherent.

Rainbow Sonnet

All my days I have sought you like a flower following the sun; grasping for every morsel of light.
The river of my essence has flowed to your inviting ocean; spinning in a cyclone of wildfire.
My heart has become encapsulated by the sands of your shores, sucking me into euphoria.
Love has encumbered my heart like that of a mother to her newborn child.


Like a fog-swept valley in the dew of the morning,
You are a welcome breeze nipping at untouched senses.
A heatwave of pleasantries caught in a whirlwind,
Swirling around my head and making it's way to my lips.

From The Blue

From the blue you appeared unforeseen,
And to the blue you have elated me in flight.
From the blue, an angel I envision you,
And how the blue casts your radiance for others to see!


'Life's journeys may appear futile, but even washed-up seashells return to the sea to start anew.'

'How can we respect others without first seeking the respect of ourselves'

My Heart

My Heart, you've Captured
This Body, you've Intoxicated
My Soul, you've Pierced
This Mind, you've Unfolded

Unanswered Questions

When shall my weary heart prevail from this ceaseless pain?
Aching, my burning heart's love lost indefinitely.
So long ago, soulmates in unity.
Such fiery love like the passion of night.

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