Masharia kanyari Poems

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The Big Secret

Allow me to share something you shouldn't know,
I am really building myself a cottage,
Its just that I lay each brick with so much purpose,
as I craft the comouflage to pretend its a castle,


No glasses will be breaking,
Excuse the expression,
It matters not the time,
Life is a celebration,

Sunset Dirge

I dedicate this to the day's end,
As nobody weeps for the death of the day,
No candles are lit,
No songs are composed,

Our Days Of Yore

In those days before the wind
Blew away our innocence
By the shade of the sycamore tree
So we kissed, so we laughed,

The Script

I live by the book
But I am the author
That is the key to being me
That is what I am about

Masharia Monologues

I am not better than anybody is,
I am simply further up the right direction,
I am not happier than you are
I only exist in another dimension

My Nirvana

I want to live a life
Devoid of Naive hope & fear
I wish for a wife
One that I can hold dear

Yes, Dear

I am Masharia Kanyari,
My own master,
The men you have known,
And you have been with,

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