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Will you be there for me ….

When I’m alone and need a friend?
When I need someone to talk to,

I’d like to write the most beautiful poem I could ever write in my lifetime,
A poem that tells how it feels in the skin the bright sun shine
And the sweet smell of the rice blossom brought by the wind
That makes us run to the clear river nearby and swim.

Ewan ko kung dika matatawa,
Pag sa iyo’y aking ipaalala,
Paborito mong linya nag ikaw ay bata pa
Paborito rin halos ng ibang bata.

Hello 2010!
I greet you with a smile,
I welcome your sunshine in my life,
I know it will make me sing

Where are you my knight?
Come save me from this lonely plight
I’ve been waiting for you eternally
Hoping against hope quietly.

The noise, the laughter, the scream
The children’s voices so sweet and full of choices;
Innocence mindless of life challenges
A reminder of the life I once had.

I love love,
It makes me look at the past with a smile
It makes me live the present with a style
It makes me dream for the future

For the lose of a friend so close yet so far…
Who’s so sweet yet so harsh….
So loving yet so devil…
So caring yet so cruel.

Suddenly, you left me all alone,
never bothered to inform me even on the phone
But that’s life, everything has and end,
Our love is no exception.

Will you be my dawn when my dusk comes?
The brightness that tears the night away,
To bring in the sun that heats the day,
Will you shine for me when my sun sets in the west?

Yes, I love you, I truly love you,
I love you more than I have ever loved a man,
Let me just love you in my own way
In my own style, without attachment,

My friend, I agree with you,
Let's give our friendship a little time,
To know more each of us,
To know more about the friendship.


You smile, how I adore those chinky smiling eyes,
You laugh, the sound is a music to my heart,
You pout, how i wish i could kiss those kissable lips,
You stare at me, oh! I’d like to wrap you in my embrace.

You wore your best dress and wore it with elegance,
You were so beautifully made up, your beauty enhanced,
You are the star of the week, so many came to see you,
Your are dear to us, everybody wants to see you go.

You caught my ATTENTION
Then we felt this ATTRACTION
This developed into INFATUATION
Which we though was real AFFECTION.

When you came, you brought sunshine with you,
You made me sing, and write songs for you
You healed my pains, made me happy too,
You gave the meaning of life to me.

You look so upset lady, why?
You need not fear, there’s no reason to cry,
Am I causing you sleepless nights,
That give black circles around your eyes?

You were there when I was weak
Gave me words of wisdom when I get insensitive
Fixed things up when chaos times came,
You stood by me no matter what.

I was weak and helpless,
You took advantage,
I was young and fragile,
To me you were so hostile.

When I’m gone…
Will you be there to see me go?
Will you weep and mourn for me?
Will you take good care of everything I left?

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I am true blooded Filipino, and proud to be one, Mabuhay ang Pilipino! I love nature. I enjoy viewing the greatest master planner’s masterpiece and creation - nature especially the countryside and those that are not yet altered by mankind. It hurts to see that what has been beautifully designed landscape is being destroyed by man and almost gone. I believe that the destruction of nature is cause by man’s selfishness. They only want and think on easy ways of doing things. A very simple person with humble beginnings and simple joys, I am a mother of two and a grandmother to one. I am a strong person yet very soft inside. I am a fun loving person and a poet in my own right. I love writing fun poems. It is, however, easier to write melancholic poems when one is bleeding in the heart. My poems are based from personal experiences, how I feel, and those of the people I love and close to my heart. I find poem writing a comfort zone wherein I can unload all my heart’s content without inhibitions. I find poem writing a very good therapy to de-stress when times get rough.)

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Will You Be There For Me ….

Will you be there for me ….

When I’m alone and need a friend?
When I need someone to talk to,
Will you be there to listen to me?
Will you take me back home,
When I’m lost and can’t find my way back home?

Will you be there for me ….

When the world turns against me?
And have no one to turn to?
When times get rough
And I can’t stop the hurtin’?

Will you be there for me ….

When my world crumbles
Will you pick me up, and make me whole?
When the sun seems not to shine anymore,
Will you be there for me?

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Jackie Compton 04 December 2014

how so true- we think we change but we really don't

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