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It's so strange.
They speak about it.
Pizza! burgers! chicken! meat!
I don't know what 'delicious' means!

Hey! World! Listen!
Humanity! Listen!
Everybody! Listen!
This is not a poem.

This poem is for the best friend I've ever had.
Last night I saddened him and it was so bad!

About everything we say we should think a lot.

Tonight the snowflakes
Are coming down
To touch your face
To let you sleep softly

It's silence.
It's sadness.
Someone is leaving me.
Here becomes a hell without you.

what happens to a friendship?
when at first it's like a treasure
but then everything seems so cold
time erases the wishes of future

Don't you miss the earth with peace?
Don't you miss the lost justice?

Don't you think it's time to wake?

Can you hear my weeping whisper?
Can you feel that it's full of fear?
Oh! Lord! Please take my hand!
I'm too strange to this land!

Waxen dreams
Forgotten days
What does my life mean through
These gloomy ways?

In the depth of nought I was.
A hand touched me with care
While I was the lonesome 'nothing'
He started to love me

You're looking at us
Cry for us
Damn creations

Can a scarecrow feel love?
no one knows except the birds
can a scarecrow feel kindness?
no one knows except the ravens

Every night I tremble top to toe
And I doubt if I really want to go
Here is warm & full of light
But the destination, who will know?

be your hero
be your man
show to yourself that you can!

when no light at night,
when weakness in sight,
when all black and white,



Every night
I miss somebody who I've never seen
I feel the peace in which I've never been
I try to dream what I desire

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medical student bi taaaaa.........)

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Child Of Poverty

It's so strange.
They speak about it.
Pizza! burgers! chicken! meat!
I don't know what 'delicious' means!
I don't know what 'over weighting' is!
I just know what 'skinny' is
Everyone calls me like this.

My food is great, wonderful!
Eating this way needs no rule
I won't eat anything instead
Here it is; water & bread!

Last night doctor told my dad:
'your child needs some protein'
But dad needs his money for
Some more drug & heroin.

We were penniless, dad was sad.
Poverty made him truly mad.
Addiction came and kindness went.
Our home is a carton tent!

In fact only God can mend
My wounds with the looks he sends.
I'm the child of poverty,
Hunger is my only friend.


to all hungry children on the earth...

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manprit 02 April 2019

hey, this is manprit and i have to do a project in my english class and i really loved your poem " a child of poverty" and i wanna use it for my project but for that i need your biography but unfortunately i can't really find it anywhere. could you please tell me something or is there like a page of yours where i can find this information. it would be really helpful. Thanks.

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