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A dream, A dream,
another dream.
A dream of you,
A dream of love,

There's this chain tied to me
A chain of broken memories
memories of love and hate,
memories I can't replace,

A sick and twisted mind,
turned by time,
becomes a new story in a twisted rhyme
Come along and read it don't cost a dime

If I could change the world,
I would end suffering,
and bring world peace,
everyone helping eachother out,

To Tell The Truth,
and nothing
but the whole truth
I'm aftaid, and I

I don't want to be just friends,
why won't you date me so the pain will end,
because when I see you,
you truly make me happy,

In my dream, we danced.
The night was ours, full of romance.
We were at peace with the world,
In circles, we twirled and swirled.

</></>What can I say?
They avoid me like the plague,
and I don't know why, it seems very strange.
I never said a word, not even a hi,

Admitting your a loser,
easies your mind,
thats why you sit here writing poetry all the time,
and you want other people to see you,

Is this real?
Is this really reality?
Why does this happen?
It feels like I'm

Love is similar to a rose,
It gets more beautiful,
The more is grows,
But with it comes thorns,

A fool hides.
A fool hides behind lies and deceit
A fool lies behind cowardice and lies
A fool does not love one another,

The loser's love poem
is not a happy one you see,
because your reading,
you must feel like a loser indeed.

If you knew,
that half of poems,
were about you.
What would you do?

I graduate, and everyone tells me how lucky I am
After graduation, I get a car,
a license to follow,
but inside I feel true sorrow,

I need a girl to take the pain away.
Her to be my drug
Lookin at her gets me high everyday
I don't have to shoot, smoke, snort, or consume

The Deepest, Darkest, Place
inside of you,
inside of me.
Trying to be happy,

</>An Epiphany,
A dream,
of walking a dark path.
An alley way, dark,

Here we go again,
my friends,
A sick and twisted mind
is at it again.

Looking at my struggles,
I'm suprised I'm still
I'm suprised I actually

Matthew Petranovich Biography

Alot of people have been asking for my biography for classes and I haven't been able to reply. So here's everything you need to know. I was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. In fact, I'm still here. I graduated from Washington High School in 2011. My parents were Jehovah's Witnesses, and they had 8 kids. I am the youngest. I am a person who got bullied and teased in school. I don't really stand up for myself, but I do stand up for what's right. I hate where I work, and I long for freedom. I don't write poems very often but when I do, it's because I'm sad. For the most part, I am a happy person. I'm a good at everything I do, and I won't do anything that is wrong. I don't lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc. I am a spiritualist and look for the deeper meanings in life, which I am finding at a fast rate. I am still alive, and I will never die. I'm constantly changing, and I'm trying to put the past behind me. Got any more questions, get a hold of me on facebook. GET AHOLD OF ME ON FACEBOOK.)

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A Dream, A Dream

A dream, A dream,
another dream.
A dream of you,
A dream of love,
A dream of you and me,
we had such chemistry,
If only you could see.
A dream we danced in the moonlight,
A dream we made love til the mornings bright light,
A dream, A dream,
Where my true feeling burst,
A dream, A dream
Makes me feel more hurt.
A dream, A dream,
of true love,
over and over,
over and over,
A dream, A dream
where we are together,
A dream, A dream,
why can't it be real,
A dream, A dream,
where really connect,
A dream, A dream
that I can't reject,
A dream, A dream,
and another dream,
Why can't it be real?
Why can't you love me?

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'I thought the mirror was shattered, then I realized, it was the person inside who was broken.'

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Matthew Petranovich Popularity

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