Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali Poems

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Islam: The Religion Of Unity

The Din that had built the foundation of love
Which emptied the world of all hatred and spite
Which made warring strangers as gentle as doves
From every Quom drew out the poison of hate

Revival Of Knowledge

They rejuvenated Aristotle's dead tomes
Plato from oblivion was brought back to life
Turned each spot to 'Greece', refined all the homes
Taste of wisdom's manna, they offered to all

Our Poets

Those rotten volumes of eulogies and odes
With a stink far worse than of toilets rank
Causing earth to split, which Providence forebode
Causing company of angels to blush in the heavens

Quest Of Learning

To the brim filled their cup from the fount of each tavern
From rivers quenched thirst, the big and the small
Moth-like they fluttered around flame in the cavern
Command of the Prophet they held close to heart

Impact Of Arabic Poetry

Arabs, who founded the excellence of rhyme
On heaven or earth who were second to none
The world recognized their eloquence sublime
But our honoured folk have their traces erased

Honourable Quoms Of Hindus

All other noble Quoms command respect
Prosperity salutes them, with reverence hails
With wealth endowed, in trade well adept
Believers in progress, in step with time

Fruits Of Unity

A house in which all the hearts are united
In misery and joy all of them beat as one
If one is elated all the rest are delighted
If one is in sorrow, all others are saddened

Result Of Disunity

The Prophet's words, had we only remembered
'You are brothers and sisters, Muslims one and all
When to brotherhood you have truly surrendered
Allah will then guide, be your helper, your mentor'

Duty Of Muslims

Islam had taught us, 'Show friendship to all' '
‘In times of hardship share each other's grief '
‘Extend hand to help, don't allow him to fall'
'When friends are afflicted partake in their pain'

Divisiveness Of Bigotry

made murky that crystal-clear stream
Choked it with weeds of malice and hate
Kinsmen turned foes, brotherhood was a dream
Followers of Qibla became querulous, mean

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