Honourable Quoms Of Hindus Poem by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali

Honourable Quoms Of Hindus

Rating: 2.6

All other noble Quoms command respect
Prosperity salutes them, with reverence hails
With wealth endowed, in trade well adept
Believers in progress, in step with time
Ever careful of training the young generation
Ever thinking of ways to empower their nation

The market is theirs and theirs is the shop
The trade is theirs, all business they own
Worldwide their reach and theirs is the crop
In work are engaged their elders and youth
Officialdom depends on their service, support
With bureau and business they have good rapport.

They are highly respected in every forum
Their word well regarded by all governments
In habits and manners imbued with decorum
Of calumny free their behaviour and speech
Work and more work is their reason for living
Toiling with their hands, never shirking from giving.

When they trip and fall, in an instant they rise
If caught in a snare, in a flash they break free
Whatever the mould, they adjust to its size
Whatever the shade they get dyed in its tint
They know what the need and demand is of time
They blow with the wind and adjust to the clime.

On so high a plane our sights have been set
That all seems one low from such lofty height
Not a clue in our head, we dare take no bet
On this 'sickly bitch' which 'progress' some call
When opening our eyes we glance all around
What inferior world us superiors surrounds!

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