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I am a goth poet writing both in English and Croatian and will post poems in both languages. I write in the dim light of black candles and with an ambiental music background, sometimes very intoxicated or high.

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Around me
People are talking
Beside me
Mortals are walking

A Sound Of Thunder

Do you hear this sound of thunder,
Who's this might is, I do wonder,
Can you hear the heavens' roaring?
After Baldr they are mourning.

The Wolf's Lullaby

Dark are the forests where the wolves dwell,
Deep is the snow to hide bloody tracks,
Your soul is one of those empty shells,
You howl in the night, but no one howls back.

Moonlight Romance

She lay on a black velvet bed,
With black roses that engulf her bust,
Absolutely pale, but her lips are blood red,

The Night Stalker

The night is so warm, the moon is above,
I'm hidden in shadows, for no one to see,
A beautiful girl has no one to love,
I'm always behind her when she tries to flee.

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