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Maxwell Ames Poems

1. Written To Max Richter's 'Nature Of Daylight' 4/5/2011
2. Response To Rejection 4/5/2011
3. Electronic Plate Tectonics 4/5/2011
4. Conversation With A Lion 4/13/2011
5. Relationship Of [my] Life 4/13/2011
6. Femme Horlage 4/18/2011
7. Piano Vs. Guitar 6/30/2011
8. Musing Knotted 6/30/2011
9. Summer In Stevens Point 7/10/2011
10. A Proust-Like Existence 10/16/2011
11. Social Moth 10/16/2011
12. To A Particular Gay Man 10/16/2011
13. Magnet 4/5/2011
14. Lion Sur-Mer 4/5/2011
15. Any Place You Go Is Your Home 4/5/2011
16. Nature Of Daylight 10/16/2011
17. Bucket's Drunken Swing, Or 2011 12/31/2011
18. Questions: Answers 2: 1 11/11/2012
19. Avett Brother's Blues 10/16/2011
20. Written To Ratatat's 'Loud Pipes' 4/5/2011
21. Upon Reading Tennyson's 'Lady Of Shallot' 4/5/2011
22. Mason Jars 10/16/2011

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Best Poem of Maxwell Ames

Mason Jars

mason jars are the best for drinking
water or orange juice
or rum and coca cola

they remind me of late mornings
drinking whatever
on cloud sodden rainy days

it sits heavily on my window sill
now, with only a little of that
necessity, looking beautiful

life to life, house to house
I'll always drink from mason jars.
thought comes in shiny trickles
from poor man's crystal.

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Conversation With A Lion

I was feeling kind of low alors.....allez y

My buddy lion told me even when I feel like I'm falling
life lines are shot like le foudre but there always remains a calling
separation est le pire but there's someone always near
and if you're drowning in sorrow they'll always let you borrow
a manteau, a scarf of wisdom to wrap around your neck
to save it from the noose that you haven't made yet

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