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I get calls;
Hey, what's happenin?
And with all the honesty in my heart,
I say,


Hey I say...
to the man/woman who said,
such nice things about my poems.
What just is Menime?

No end, no beginning,
the line blurs into a round.
Where does it start,
and where does it end?

To the naked eye,
it is but the sky.
Darkened with swelling clouds,
did i think it was on the cards?

I watched as the slender fingers touched the chords,
they seemed to be touching my own.
Seemingly like simple rods of steel,
they seemed to be the link to my soul.

Is actually perfect!
for every moment really is.
That little space and fact,
make it all for this!

From today I am no one.
My identity is gone,
and I know some,
but not the one.

Such a beauty she is,
takes my breath away.
With her lustrous irisis,
a look that holds such sway.




A night to remember,
as I wait for him.
Tis been a long time,
in the making.

The long stretch of the coast,
is bursting with boats.
which is the one that will take me,
to the place of east?

Wish I knew why the sky is so blue,
why the boats float so effortlessly?
Why kites fly high above,
why water turns so glassy on rainy days?

My thoughts are in bits and pieces,
like shards of glass crunched under a heavy foot.
A pile of unusable objects,
until a finger of sunlight makes them diamonds galore.

Suppressed excitement at that time of the year,
when life almost comes to a standstill.
The darkness is lit by a thousand lamps,
that flicker through the moody breeze.


Two three or four,
low high or core.
The notes make some sounds,
reaching to the depths of the soul.

I write and wriite and write,
there seems no Seema.
But Seema is simply not my name,
for it seems like it though.

I get calls;
Hey, what's happenin?
And with all the honesty in my heart,
I say,

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I am a seeker - of things beautiful and soulful!)

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Is There Anything To Say?

I get calls;
Hey, what's happenin?
And with all the honesty in my heart,
I say,

I see people;
almost all the time!
They hug and kiss me,
and ask,
So- been doing anything good?
And I say rather plaintively,

I travel with folks quite a bit.
As we shuttle from place to place,
they turn to me conspiratorily and wink,
Anything exciting?
And I grimace and murmer,

At meetings and groups,
there is a babble and din.
People drone on and on,
about stats, prices and life in general!
And then pops up the passe question,
What do u think?
And I nod wisely and say,

There is nothingness for now,
it is not empty that I think.
Its what they say the glory of the fullness,
that is simply just nothing.
From nothing to nothing,
I go.
And as I turn at every corner,
there is usually just nothing!

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Rajinder Singh 31 December 2009

soulful poet.Even i am a seeker. of what? I still dont know

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