Meer Taqi Meer Poems

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Be-Khudee Le Ga'Ee Kahaan Ham Ko

be-KHudee le ga'ee kahaaN ham ko
der se intaZaar hai apnaa

rote phirte hain saaree-saaree raat

Hastee Apnee Hubaab Kee See Hai

hastee apnee Hubaab kee see hai
ye numa'ish suraab kee see hai

naazukee uss ke lab kee kya kahiye

Ankhon Mein Ji Mera Hai Idhar Yar Dekhna

ankhon mein ji mera hai idhar yar dekhna
ashiq ka apane akhri didar dekhna

The Released Rebel Prisoner

Armies he's seen- the herds of war,
But never such swarms of men
As now in the Nineveh of the North-

In The Prison Pen

Listless he eyes the palisades
And sentries in the glare;
'Tis barren as a pelican-beach

The Mound by the Lake

The grass shall never forget this grave.
When homeward footing it in the sun
After the weary ride by rail,

Malvern Hill

Ye elms that wave on Malvern Hill
In prime of morn and May,
Recall ye how McClellan's men

The Stone Fleet

I have a feeling for those ships,
Each worn and ancient one,
With great bluff bows, and broad in the beam:
Ay, it was unkindly done.

The College Colonel

He rides at their head;
A crutch by his saddle just slants in view,
One slung arm in splints, you see,
Yet he guides his strong steed - how coldly too.

The Martyr

(Indicative of the Passion of the People
on the 15th Day of April, 1865)
* * *

Good Friday was the day
Of the prodigy and crime,

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