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be-KHudee le ga'ee kahaaN ham ko
der se intaZaar hai apnaa

rote phirte hain saaree-saaree raat

hastee apnee Hubaab kee see hai
ye numa'ish suraab kee see hai

naazukee uss ke lab kee kya kahiye

ankhon mein ji mera hai idhar yar dekhna
ashiq ka apane akhri didar dekhna

Armies he's seen- the herds of war,
But never such swarms of men
As now in the Nineveh of the North-

Listless he eyes the palisades
And sentries in the glare;
'Tis barren as a pelican-beach

The grass shall never forget this grave.
When homeward footing it in the sun
After the weary ride by rail,

Ye elms that wave on Malvern Hill
In prime of morn and May,
Recall ye how McClellan's men

I have a feeling for those ships,
Each worn and ancient one,
With great bluff bows, and broad in the beam:
Ay, it was unkindly done.

He rides at their head;
A crutch by his saddle just slants in view,
One slung arm in splints, you see,
Yet he guides his strong steed - how coldly too.

(Indicative of the Passion of the People
on the 15th Day of April, 1865)
* * *

Good Friday was the day
Of the prodigy and crime,

How often in the years that close,
When truce had stilled the sieging gun,
The soldiers, mounting on their works,
With mutual curious glance have run

_A plea against the vindictive cry raised by civilians
shortly after the surrender at Appomattox_

Ay, man is manly. Here you see
The warrior-carriage of the head,
And brave dilation of the frame;

Meer Taqi Meer Biography

Syed Amanullah Meer Taqi was the only son of a Sufi saint, Meer Muttaqi. When Meer was a little child, his father looking at his face used to say which is this fire burning within your heart that is reflecting on your face. Sufis are lovers of God and so he thought that it was the fire of love for Allah. Living in a atmosphere of sufism at a very young age had profound effect on Meer. He did not have much desires for worldly things. While on his death bed, his father instructed Meer to "Adopt the path of love. A life without love is an ordeal and losing one's heart in love is the real art. Though this path is riddled with difficulties, love is what drives the world." This is a philosophy reflected by Meer in most of his works. After his father's death, at the age of 11 years, he was abandoned by the people in whose care he had been left. His elder step-brother also treated him badly. Meer left Agra for Delhi in search of livelihood . Samsamudaula gave him a scholarship of one rupee per day, but this did not continue for long because in 1739, Nadir Shah attacked Delhi in which Samsamudaula was killed. At that time Meer was in Agra. After staying in Agra for few days, Meer again went to Delhi. In Delhi, he stayed in the home of Khan Arzoo, who was the maternal uncle of Meer's step-brother Hafiz Muhammad Hasan. Muhammad Hassan wrote a letter to his uncle criticizing Meer. Soon Meer was homeless and jobless and roaming in the streets aimlessly. After Nadir Shah's carnage there was no charm left in Delhi for the poets, many of them moved to Lucknow. Meer came to Lucknow in 1783; Nawab Asafaddaula fixed him Rs. 200 a month stipend. His early experiences in life and shortness of money though had made a permanent change in his nature and even in the peaceful atmosphere of Lucknow he lived a terrible life. Simple things used to make him upset, many times he walked out of the Nawab's court. In 1810 he died in Lucknow.)

The Best Poem Of Meer Taqi Meer

Be-Khudee Le Ga'Ee Kahaan Ham Ko

be-KHudee le ga'ee kahaaN ham ko
der se intaZaar hai apnaa

rote phirte hain saaree-saaree raat
ab yahee rozgaar hai apnaa

de ke dil ham jo ho ga'e majboor
ismeN kyaa iKHtiyaar hai apnaa

kuchh naheeN ham misaal-e-'unqaa lek
shahar-shahar ishtahaar hai apnaa

jisko tum aasmaan kahate ho
so diloN kaa Gubaar hai apnaa

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 October 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen by Poem Hunter And Team as The Poet Of The Day! Recognition for this great Sufi Indian Poet from Agra.

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Loyal Frnd Loyalfrnd 23 April 2015

Mir Taqi Mir is also one of my favourite poets because of his outstanding Love poetry!

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Sayeed Abubakar 22 October 2012

Mir Taqi Mir is one of my favourite poets. We need the English version of his poems here. Then we will be grateful to the dear contributer.

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