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Syed Amanullah Meer Taqi was the only son of a Sufi saint, Meer Muttaqi. When Meer was a little child, his father looking at his face used to say which is this fire burning within your heart that is reflecting on your face. Sufis are lovers of God and so he thought that it was the fire of love for Allah. Living in a atmosphere of sufism at a very ...

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 October 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen by Poem Hunter And Team as The Poet Of The Day! Recognition for this great Sufi Indian Poet from Agra.

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Loyal Frnd Loyalfrnd 23 April 2015

Mir Taqi Mir is also one of my favourite poets because of his outstanding Love poetry!

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Sayeed Abubakar 22 October 2012

Mir Taqi Mir is one of my favourite poets. We need the English version of his poems here. Then we will be grateful to the dear contributer.

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The Best Poem Of Meer Taqi Meer

Be-Khudee Le Ga'Ee Kahaan Ham Ko

be-KHudee le ga'ee kahaaN ham ko
der se intaZaar hai apnaa

rote phirte hain saaree-saaree raat
ab yahee rozgaar hai apnaa

de ke dil ham jo ho ga'e majboor
ismeN kyaa iKHtiyaar hai apnaa

kuchh naheeN ham misaal-e-'unqaa lek
shahar-shahar ishtahaar hai apnaa

jisko tum aasmaan kahate ho
so diloN kaa Gubaar hai apnaa

Meer Taqi Meer Popularity

Meer Taqi Meer Popularity

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