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Italian families,
Make you laugh,
Make you mad.
A lot of times get you to eventually cry!

The life of bees as we know it is just buzzing around making honey,
but really thats not the case at all.
Bees have their own little world of nothing we ever are familar with.
As Queen Latifah says' Every Little Thing wants to be Loved'!

The earth is our living orb,
The sphere that we stand on.
The ball that we walk on everyday.
All the nature and mother natures belongings are here too!

Heres to the night we danced together...
Heres to the night we loved eachother...
Heres to the night we shared our dreams of hope....
Heres to the night we made love....

My life has become more than I expected!
More complex then I ever imagened it to be.
So many lives put into mine..
So much love shared between 2 people.

The Rain cleans my sins from my rigid and harmed body,
Every single dropp takes away a heart renching act of hurt to myself or others, that have been commited befor.
The clean and pure water does good to my heart after the sleek shadows of the clouds above us.
Looking at the grey and puffy clouds my body and soul weakens to my knees for what god has not forgiven me for yet!

If i could tell you without crying i would,
Its like a symphony of classical and soul in one.
Both combined and make a beautiful relationship thats blossoms everyday more and more.
The love i have for you is not simple in any sort of way!

using paint and water,
one simple sweep of your textured brush!
spreads color around the canvis to create a new adventure,
mixes all your emotions into one!

When the rain drops fall,
and land on mother earths surface.
Mistakes are being washed away, hopes are put on hold, dreams are made, and sometimes a new life can be made in the process.
Rain drops hit my face, run down my shoulder, on to my foot, and rolls of to the ground in a fast manner.

That one simple moment can change every thing,
With in seconds your life can change in the snap of a finger!
Only you know what your thinking about what the people around you are thinking about you.
Just wondering what might have happened just now!

It must be you,
the one i was ment to be with forever!
But first you must understand me.....
You must love everything about me even my flaws and imperfections,

The weeping willow at the southern estate in the Georgia Plantation,
blows the leaves around softly during the night on the top of the hill.
Waiting for somebody to come sit under its barnches,
Feeling a sudden whistle wipping in the wind.

I give you this ring, it is saying I am giving you this because i cant live with out you and i dont want to!
So your saying even when we leave the room mad i will still have this ring on my finger, or that even if you leave the cap of the toothpaste i still love you.
If both of you leave the room swearing at eachother because i parked the car and got a ticket, and come back saying i love you, its beautiful.
You hate it when they take the covers at night and leave you with just a square of fabric for most of the night.

The water is calm.....
You know a strom is coming in a little bit.
You are thinking might as well get a swim in real quick!
As your swimming...... You look down the water is clear enough to see a school of fish!

As we dance in the Moonlight together,
You are holding me tight.
The moon is shinning so bright it lights up the middle of your eyes!
The night may be cold, but when i am with you it feels like summer in July with a cool breaze.


Beauty to most is when the mask of make-up comes off,
When the true you is now their in the open to be seen and judged by all.
Even though your mind is not saying ' I am beautiful' everyone else id thinking it but you.
Most would agree with me that beauty is the iner shell that us as humans fail to have confidence with.

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Growing Up With An Italian Family

Italian families,
Make you laugh,
Make you mad.
A lot of times get you to eventually cry!
One thing that you never leave with out is a kiss, hug, and a take home container from dinner!
The family can be extremly loud!
Not always wanting to bring the date to meet mom and dad!
Never know what will pop up!

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