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I Give You This Ring! - Poem by meghan foubare

I give you this ring, it is saying I am giving you this because i cant live with out you and i dont want to!
So your saying even when we leave the room mad i will still have this ring on my finger, or that even if you leave the cap of the toothpaste i still love you.
If both of you leave the room swearing at eachother because i parked the car and got a ticket, and come back saying i love you, its beautiful.
You hate it when they take the covers at night and leave you with just a square of fabric for most of the night.
When they just wont stop snoring even when you get them breathing stripes.
Always forget to flush the toliet, and leave toothpaste in the sink thats dried up!
You both call eachother at work, meet of for launch and spend time on the toliet togehter with lunch you both just had.
Stealing the last cup of coffee you wanted that morning, and not washing out the pot.
leaving a sweat note for you in your lunch box, on a reciept from yesterdays lunch!
leaving nasty dirty q-tips on the sink, and saying ' it wasnt me'!
Sending you a card at work, with a joke about your age in the greeting!
Forgetting to tell you if their shampoo bottle was low while you where just out at the store!
Sending you a piece of jewelry and leaving the reciept inside the box!
Forgetting to feed the dog, but saying its your night.
Doing the dishes together, getting eachother soaking wet from splashing bubbles at eachother!
Kicking them in the butt for bleaching your favorite shirt, then buy you a new one from the dollar store!
Using your socks to unclog the drain, and getting them stuck their!
Having one of your biggest arguments, stroming out, but come back at 12: 00 midnight and loving eachother for hours and hours until leaving for work the next morning.
Thats something that is so worht while, and the most beautiful thing in the world!

-Meghan Elaine

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 1, 2009

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