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i qut an a additcion.
fiction or non fiction.
you can always find me
sitting there with my pen

time is running away from me.
I look at a clock when i wake up in the morning.
It says 9a.m
I look at the clock again,

The word flow, is the perfect word
to describe the way my emotions run.
Deeper than the blood in my veins,
but stronger than the motion of an ocean wave.

I have a pen in my hand.
The feelinq makes me qo out of controll!
Wriqhtinq fits deep inside my soul.
Mind spinninq like crazy,

Here I am, sitting on the beach.
Watching the waves move closer to me,
I can only see your face.
Those eyes that sparkle with joy,

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Hey everyone! My name is Meghan. I am 15 years old. I grew up in Malden mass, not to far from Boston. I grew up with just a single mom because my dad was an alcahoilic, sadly. When I was seven, I moved to a small town in mass called Wilmington. Never liked it much. The people here are boring, probably because this town is boring! ! I mean some days I want to run away because I feel it suffocates me haha. Always been a girl with a strong heart and strong will to go places in life. Even when Im not sure of myself. Always had big dreams of being a singer, or wrighter. I guess you can say Im pretty bigg headed. I am in the process of trying to record an album on my own. Anyways, I love to sing, its been my passion since i was 3 years old. Allthough, I have found a deep compassion for wrighting too. I just absolutly dont know what I would do with out a pen and notebook! You can read that in the way I describe it in some of my poems. I have notebooks old and some new. Filled with poetry of my life. I only have two poems on this website right now, but will deffinetly be posting more SOON! I hope everyone that visits this website, gets a chance to see my work, and enjoys it! Feel free to leave me comments on them to tell me what you think. Also feel free to Email me at thank you, god bless.)

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My Addiction

i qut an a additcion.
fiction or non fiction.
you can always find me
sitting there with my pen
wriqhtinq! Somtimes my
touqhts poor out at 12 in the afternoon
Somtimes they poor out at 12 midniqht
know matter how tired my mind is it will put up a fiqht
tells me to always riqht what im thinkinq..
like ill be forqetinq my past if I dont,
like i cant survive if i wont! ! !
When i riqht...
my words come alive.
There not just sittinq there on some lines.
They want to leap off the paqe,
and feed into your eyses
There my only friend somedays.
There my only way out of lifes pain.
There how you will better understand me,
There just what lets me be, Me!
I cant lie; i would die;
If i didnt have my notebook, to catch my tears when i cry.
Sometimes I feel traped though..
Almost as if wriqhtinq is my only way out!
But I need more, I need a door,
to lead me to courage...
The couraqe to beable to go on, with out it.
Know matter how much I love it!
Cause im too tired and weak
stayinq up all niqht..
I cant know more, I need to sleep,
But Im afraid I will never beable to
I was born addicted to ink
im linked.......

wriqhtinq: my addiction.

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Madly In Love 03 September 2007

From what I have read Meghan is an amazing poet with a good soul and heart, her poetry is refreshing wirth such truth to it. Her poetry is very beautiful but also very sad, anyone who reads her work is sure to love it. Mariana

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