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is like a vacuum;
it usually seems
to suck.

Thriving, Delicate
Pick, Smell, Stroke
Sign of nature's beauty

While reading in my hammock
About Bilbo and his ring,
I thought about his simple life
Before going journeying.

Dare to dream.
Don't let someone put a barrier on your thoughts.
If they try to chain them down, escape!
Find a safe haven over the rainbow.

tick tock- click
It's 11: 11
Quick find red
Hold it tight

numbs me
like cold.
Tears well up


Books are wonderful things to behold
No two ever made from the same mold
You escape for bit
And wish never to quit

Floating around on the breeze
A flower sings out and charms me
Alighting on top, I drink my fill of its sweetness
Becoming intoxicated by the heavenly aroma

Just take a breath
feel the wonders that surround you
sense the world becoming so very still
hear the soft beating of your heart

For now the sun is playful
Sparkling off my sides and head,
But soon it will get hotter
and sadly I'll be dead.

Out the window swirling fog thins
Not a breath of wind.
Stone trees
Each needle covered in


Spring is the
Glass of water that relieves the
Thirst of a brutal winter.
Now, just as my thirst was beginning to be

No one said the path is easy
But we walk it anyway
Sometimes it is rugged
Causing ankles to be turned

Gently floating,
As they come to cover the frosty Earth.
Look up, and they sweetly bestow kisses.
Watch them leisurely blanket drowsy trees,



Sometimes you feel so alone in the world,

Into the fiery horizon the sun plunges and projects its rays
To caress the strong boughs of
The ancient trees. As Apollo sinks lower,
Sparks shoot into the darkening sky and never burn out.


Fulfilling, Relaxing
Played, Sung, Heard
One's soul in sound

The cherry tree, laden down
With Spring’s awak’ning flowers
Has given a home to fairy folk
Inside her blooming bower.

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is like a vacuum;
it usually seems
to suck.

is like traffic.
it flies by, and
sometimes it

is like a new
book. You
never know
what you'll find
between the

is like a scarf;
one snag can
seem to unravel

is like school.
You learn
something new
every day.

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