Melody Thaila Kuku

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Melody Thaila Kuku Poems

1. Until The Birth Of Civilisation 3/7/2012
2. If I Were To Be Love. 3/11/2012
3. She Held His Heart And He, Her Love. 3/31/2012
4. Its Fun To Be A Child 4/3/2012
5. Baby Wife 8/1/2012
6. The Rape Of Fair Nigeria 8/2/2012
7. Don'T Think I'Ll Say Adieu 8/2/2012
8. Between Love And Pride 7/16/2012
9. Strangers On Loves Boat 7/19/2012
10. Reborn 12/20/2012
11. I Met A Guy 1/2/2013
12. Say What You Like 2/16/2013
13. To See The World 2/16/2013
14. When Will Her Feet Dance? 2/16/2013
15. In The Haunted House 4/12/2013
16. Death's Tale 4/12/2013
17. Stillborn 4/12/2013
18. Once I Saw A Bird 4/12/2013
19. A Poem To Remember 4/12/2013
20. But I Am A Woman 4/23/2013
21. The Murder Of Anna Blake 4/23/2013
22. The Despicable 4/23/2013
23. Lets Play Rhyme 4/23/2013
24. A Jolly Poet's Haiku 4/23/2013
25. If Like A Chameleon You Must Change 4/23/2013
26. Songs Of Love: Part 3 4/23/2013
27. Songs Of Love: Part 2 4/23/2013
28. Home Swine Home 4/23/2013
29. Up Nepa! 4/23/2013
30. Tom Cats Or Men 4/23/2013
31. Why Are The Shepherds Silent? 4/23/2013
32. Till Justice Be Born 4/23/2013
33. I Dare To Dream 4/24/2013
34. Songs Of Love: Part 1 4/25/2013
35. The Horizon Shall Rise 5/30/2013
36. If Only You Had Waited 6/2/2013
37. In His Eyes 6/2/2013
38. Maimed Souls..... 6/12/2013
39. Nothing Is Ever Absolute 6/12/2013
40. I Am Human 6/13/2013

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Best Poem of Melody Thaila Kuku

Fear Of The Unknown.

Like the knight of sleeping beauty,
He slash through my heart.
Tearing down my courage,
Shattering my resolve like a wine Glass.

He has stolen upon me in the Dead of the night,
With the darkness as his shield.
I look and wonder.
What brings my heart to my lips?
What shivers my spines?

I peer and peer, think and think.
Yet, i see not his face.
I try to fight, but my strength fails.
Almost defeated, i am,
For he is the meanest of his kind.

Show me thy face o slayer?
Nay he says, 'for you cannot know me'.
I am the dark that looms...

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If I Were To Be Love.

They say love is a gamble.
Place your bet on it and you lose.
Play to lose and you win.

Its mysteries, i try to know.
It burns out after it lits up the sky for a while. Why does it never shine forever?

If i was to be love, i would not select. I will gíve myself to all men,
Even those not worthy of my mysteries.

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