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Calm is the starless night
but troubled is the heart
deep silence descends
pain will not part-

It was the fancy
of 'Once upon a time'
that brought so many
such a miserable outcome

After reading Tang Dynasty poetry:

She promised to meet me
at midnight


It's not late, never too late
to change direction

We don't have only one brain, but two-
the natural and the artificial:
the former seems out of date
to most the computer makes for the better other

Love is not an imperative
in marriage --but money:
no woman would enter into it
if there were no security

When the weary and long-suffering world
has lost its every golden cherished song
and life is no longer a feast nor a pearl
my heart shall still sing, brave and strong-

The harvest is over this year
I wait for next year's summer
Nature never fails in its promise
One season faithfully follows another.

Dear Dr Wittgenstein:
what's the meaning of meaning?
does mankind's survival
depend on meaning

As time goes by
clouds of doubt they disperse
all before you is but the clear blue sky
life's purest water will quench your every thirst-


An autumnal midnight
the chirping of cicadas
moaning of the silent tides
beneath weeping stars-

At the end of your life you would discover
how much you had owned yourself
and the extent to which you had given away to others

The 'was'

gave rise to the 'is'

In every human heart
there's a corner that's wasteland
mysterious and intriguing
which the person fails to understand

In response to a post today of Beth Levin's:

My youth I've kept
those days of innocent splendour

After Christina Rossetti

O night, oh tender night
lull me to gentle sleep

With apology to T.S. Eliot

I arrived where I longed for
nothing new did I see


When you've been
totally abandoned by the world


Civilisation will collapse
without creativity

Meng Lim Dr Biography

composer, musician, published poet, writer of 6 non-fiction books, resides in Melbourne, humanist. 5th and 6th book, respectively--- IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ZEN--THE PATH TO A CALMER AND HAPPIER LIFE and THE GENTLE ART OF TAO LEADERSHIP: A 21st CENTURY PERSPECTIVE. 7th book: THE ART OF PURPOSEFUL LIVING (A TAOIST GUIDE FOR THE MODERN AGE))

The Best Poem Of Meng Lim Dr

Autumnal Dejection*

Calm is the starless night
but troubled is the heart
deep silence descends
pain will not part-

the voice is muted
dreams are torn apart
the sea is sighing, the trees are weeping
love's door is shut-

youth knows no tears
sorrow it never does regard
passion burns like wild fire
reason it does discard-

time is the heartless destroyer
all human schemes it does outsmart
amidst the ruins of beauty and hope
dies the bereft longing heart

(* autumn in Australia)

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Music spreads its wings all over the firmament. It lights up the world below---a myriad of sounds and colours burst from the river of its soul so poignantly—an invitation to the realm of endless beauty and wonder. Music says: life is for love, beauty, joy and celebration and all that which transcends over pain and sorrow- first the suffering but, lo, the light shines after the end of the dark tunnel and once more our hearts revive and we begin to embrace life all over again, in greater intensity and gratitude. The heart breaks a thousand times but is reborn--even if such resurrection comes very slowly. Life is an endless river and we flow with it but it is only in love and faith, in patience and the pursuit of truth that we become what we dreamt to be. Once we have arrived at the pinnacle of what our heart has longed for over so many years of the past, we will then be larger than life--and even death itself- those who dwell in love and faith live immortally in their hearts.

The face of life is a language of sorrow

Energise your mind lest before long it were to turn into a museum and leave you behind

Time does not stop as long as your heartbeats continue to throb

A good poetry- line is a day's enough sunshine

For Wittgenstein The essence is kept in the unsaid

The heart refuses to surrender its innermost secrets even to its owner

Love is both an eye-opener and (believe me) an eye-shutter

....but for memory so many would not have suffered so deeply

The greatest grievance: the self and its burden ' the desire of the moth for the star'* and has all its dreams painfully broken. (* from Shelley)

What is excitement? But a moment of unexpected surprise that has taken hold over the person

You didn't arrive in time--it's really sad as too long you've dreamed the flowers of spring have withered your life exists now in another camp

but this is the truth- I didn't know how could you ask me to show the proof?

I write in English but am not an Englishman deep, deep, deep inside me an intrinsic Chinaman I remain

The overnight downpour has washed away the footprints of the day-- you'll start afresh upon the morrow

Mine your mind dig deeply-- the richest treasures you will find

If you take a genuine interest in life, it will unequivocally reciprocate if you choose estrangement it will irrevocably disengage

May I be just a tiny spark it's enough for me to see in the dark

Silence is the humblest and least obtrusive dignity

Never mind whether it's West or East just let your heart follow that which places you at ease

I don't need the structural content with just the natural

It must be exceedingly tiresome echoing another's wisdom create some of your own that's intellectually more wholesome

Let your longing be a patient bud wait for its flowering just hold your heart

When the self is only a copy of someone else- what a travesty!

Be invisible none could give you any trouble

Love does not seek to define itself. If it does, it loses its intrinsic self

Reason has limits imagination has wings

Life is foggy travel circumspectly

Remember: passion is not wisdom

Poetry can convey an idea more effectively in a stanza than a whole page of prose that struggles in any pose

In response to a post on people shying away from their failures .... but I am not afraid to post my failures, my weaknesses, my limitations and my doubts. This is honesty. I don't need to impress anyone for I am a person unto myself in all my imperfections. I need no one's praise or approval and thus I have complete freedom.

There are times when you should close your eyes -- in stepping back insight you would realise

The Creed of a Common Man In speech, be brief in writing, be concise in work, be precise in success, be humble in failure, be patient in living, be simple in giving, be generous in relationships, be genuine in negotiation, be considerate in commerce, be fair in spending, be frugal in happiness, be grateful in sorrow, bear lightly in love, care unconditionally in parenthood, nurture in public office, serve loyally in your last hours walk into the eternal night in acceptance and dignity

Life is a million things and we are gladdened and saddened in various ways. What makes life worth living is our sense of purpose which gives us meaning. We should be grateful to be alive, despite our suffering and pain.

I do better in doubt than in certainty- in all directions my enquiring mind sprouts out

The world is full of soothsayers but their own future leaves them wordless

To you tomorrow might say: ' I'm fully occupied, go away! '

Take yourself for granted but not others-- the latter are beacons you might just be a beam hardly to be celebrated

My view is that the past is a teacher--- it has its place in the present and to neglect it is a mistake

I can't for a moment say a farmer, a barber or janitor is less happy in any way than a millionaire

That which is dull or repetitive never affects the person who's creative

In the footsteps of Confucius If you still don't understand life by the age of forty you've lived in vain- such a miserable story!

Can you tell the future you?

To the world you belong if you don't like don't follow its song

When life looks down I look up

I did not know and courted no disfavour

Because you were always looking at what was behind time and opportunities you missed and you failed to develop your mind

Maturity has more to do with the heart than the mind

He who truly knows himself fears not life or any circumstance

Life is a card-game what you draw in determines whether you lose or win

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