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Calm is the starless night
but troubled is the heart
deep silence descends
pain will not part-

When the weary and long-suffering world
has lost its every golden cherished song
and life is no longer a feast nor a pearl
my heart shall still sing, brave and strong-

The harvest is over this year
I wait for next year's summer
Nature never fails in its promise
One season faithfully follows another.

The Yin Yang of Living

If you wander too far

I don't aspire
to be brilliant
only this:
to be self-reliant


Oh you
How could you forget

I am fading, fading fast, Fanny, my love eternal
Far away from you and home
I am dying, the hours I am counting
In what I liken to my grave that is Rome.

Genius wakes trembling
From its deeply-troubled sleep
‘I've a gift that I can't describe
Can I this something keep? '

Memory drew a blank
traumatized was the sufferer
those scenes of the past
would reappear never--

.....but this is
all I ever need
solitude and silence
for nothing else do I bid-

Let it be then
accept life as a joker
not a giver
but a teaser-

is mostly
unrealisable hopes
will o'-the- wisp--

Flowery garden

awakes for first kiss of light

'I will not be hunted'
a poem spoke
to me in a dream-
'when you are ready


You don't need

to tame me
no beast am I-

Come it shall
would I be
the same person

With death
I flirted
it shut its door
me it rejected

The road has ended
in this nowhere of time
no vegetation grows here
dead silence holds me numb-

If I love you truly
It should not be for my own sake
I should give you ten-fold more
Than that which I should take.

Tell me the colour
of your past and I
will construct your story
and explain to you the how and why.

Meng Lim Dr Biography

composer, musician, published poet, writer of 6 non-fiction books, resides in Melbourne, humanist. 5th and 6th book, respectively--- IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ZEN--THE PATH TO A CALMER AND HAPPIER LIFE and THE GENTLE ART OF TAO LEADERSHIP: A 21st CENTURY PERSPECTIVE

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Autumnal Dejection*

Calm is the starless night
but troubled is the heart
deep silence descends
pain will not part-

the voice is muted
dreams are torn apart
the sea is sighing, the trees are weeping
love's door is shut-

youth knows no tears
sorrow it never does regard
passion burns like wild fire
reason it does discard-

time is the heartless destroyer
all human schemes it does outsmart
amidst the ruins of beauty and hope
dies the bereft longing heart

(* autumn in Australia)

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