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Place Your Hand In Mine...

Place your hand in mine,
let me walk with you.
Together facing all this
life has to offer.

Let me share the joys that bring
a smile to your sweet lips.
For just the thought of your happiness,
brings a smile to mine.

Let me hold you.. protect you
from the shadows that haunt you.
In my arms.. find rest,
in my embrace.. your peace.

Share with me.. everything,
the wants.. the needs,
the longings of your heart.
Join them with mine,
together.. fulfillment.

Unite with me,
the desires that burn in your soul.
Ignite my ...

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United In The Heavens

We were united in the Heavens..many lifetimes ago,
Allowed our dreams, together..so we would never forget.

Reunited in this life..for such a brief time,
How my heart aches in this lifetime.

How my spirit longs for the Heavens,
Where we are forever.

Forever will be so wonderful...again