michael oliver Poems

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Chells Memory 2

Wrapped in settling snow from the warm pink
Flakes upon flakes upon patterns and soft geometry
My dad pulls me and sled snow silent
Him the single shape through flake and flake

My Holy

While at Christian tea over the desk
Asked the white collared guru
So what is Holy?
The gentle claptrap of church speak

Spring Moon

In the star field
The moon shining
A bright token
Calling on life

Chells Memory

The metal black stove
Cooled by nights decay
Forever dads first task
This cottage day reanaiscance

The Blush Of Apples

Those eleven apples
A seasons festoon
Green slowly defeated
And blush triumphant


Against the sky
The leaves and seeds
Await my brush
And betrayal

She Walks Away

She walks away receding
A framed hardship
Once she chased boys
A child's different corridor

Giving It Large A Homage To S.D.

Under the lamp
under the sodium
a yellow quick clasp
Well mate how does

My Holy (Revised Version)

The Christian cup of tea - handed and asking
Asking the stiff white collared guru
Askig the collar - So what is Holy?
The clap trap of church speak delivered - Squawk!

Something About Dawn

Out there sky unfurls into daytime
Recalls a sunrise of youths first touching
As abstraction whorled into a sensation presented
A dawn on fire with its proof

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