Chells Memory 2 Poem by michael oliver

Chells Memory 2

Rating: 4.0

Wrapped in settling snow from the warm pink
Flakes upon flakes upon patterns and soft geometry
My dad pulls me and sled snow silent
Him the single shape through flake and flake

On getting in home the breath is extinguished
Warmth of different vapours the seer of hot aches
The weight of wet clothes but a discomfort
Sitting and steaming hands in the fire glow

Stars through my window danced upon by rime
Somewhere the full moon shine eases the dark
Covered I lay furtive with an unknown fear
The cold of the space whispered to this hero

The last few nights when through another window
An autumn wind turns midnight into a sanctuary
This turning season places a summons upon chemistry
And accompany its solo even with my ageing

Subodh Pandey 09 September 2011

What a write the transition / switch over is beautifully potrayed.lovely poem.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 14 April 2012

Lovely piece.

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Jonny Brackney 13 January 2012

this is a wonderful passage.

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Vipins Puthooran 04 October 2011

Noble write.. I like the pace of lines... Great poem

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 09 September 2011

ah this brings you another fragment when memories are never ending never fading nice poem fragments will make a person complete and we should always put them together

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David Beckham 09 September 2011

this is fantastic! the tale is grabbing and well paced. Great poem! tfs 10/10

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