She Walks Away Poem by michael oliver

She Walks Away

Rating: 5.0

She walks away receding
A framed hardship
Once she chased boys
A child's different corridor
A mind alive then
The moment is grasped
As step by step
Today is no more

Today a gloved hand
Blue against the softness
Caressed her breast flesh
As the pink yielded
This way that way
To a palpable neutrality
Until there just there
A lump has appeared

Today is already yesterday
As step by step
To tomorrow ah tomorrow
The grip loses moment
Revelations will stream on
Chasing a lost appearance
Still walking away receding
With her own spectre

Kandi Behagg 07 January 2013

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! So Beautiful! ! ! ! Even though it is a different type cancer is cancer, it is the enemy no matter what part of the body! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This truly hit home for me! ! ! I truly enjoyed it! ! ! ! Very well written! ! ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the great work! ! ! ! !

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Valerie Dohren 12 September 2012

Beautiful poem, very well written.

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Subodh Pandey 09 September 2012

A lovely verse micheal loved it.........

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Scotty Dogg 06 September 2012

I've been away. When I come back, I always go to you as one of my first. I'm never disappointed. Not here either.

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