Michael Shepherd Poems

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0010 A Day, A Meadow, A Miracle

This is the meadow.
It slopes from bright South
down to the West and North
from the primroses in the southern hedge

! This Poem..

This poem
was about to speak to you
assuming that there is a you right there and now

0020 Awakening To Myself

Surfacing from deep sleep, that moment
when the disciplined get up immediately,
the self-motivated can’t wait to get on doing their life,
the blest open their eyes with praise upon their lips,

! Poem Without A First Line

for no real poem has a first line
any more than a real book
has a first page

A (P) Lea To (P) Oemhunter

O ppoemhunter - hear my pplea:
please dropp that ppleonastic p!

Suppose your spelling, dropp by dropp

0239 The Poem Said

The poem said

read me

0409 The Postman And The Dog, Or Plato's Fido

There has to be a reason:
dogs bite postmen.

It's not just that they jump up the sofa to the window

0330 How Christianity Came To Britain

! ! All-American Found Poem

“People say
I’ll find a better guy,
but I’m starting to think that
everyone’s pretty much a mess.

! Not A-Mused

It's days when you've got lots to do -
the Muse, she puts a phone call through...

You're back at work, and short of time -