Michael Shepherd

Rookie (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Michael Shepherd Poems

1401. Unicorn 3 7/27/2005
1402. 0361 Over My Dead Body.. 1/17/2006
1403. Lines To A Poet Of Middling Age 9/17/2005
1404. 0192 Abundance 9/23/2005
1405. Snow: A Haiku 3/1/2005
1406. 0380 Sonnet: Katrina To Marc 9/10/2005
1407. ! ! An Islamic Poem For The 'Art In Action' Festival 7/16/2008
1408. You Can Read Me Like A Book 9/24/2006
1409. Love Me... Who? 4/19/2005
1410. ! The Presents On The Gift List Yet Unread 12/26/2007
1411. ! Where Poems Grow 7/17/2007
1412. Trench Warfare Haiku 11/15/2005
1413. 0008 A Love Poem In A New Old Language 7/14/2006
1414. 0264 Toothpaste Tubes And Toilet Seats 8/6/2005
1415. In Praise Of Poetry... 2/2/2005
1416. 0427 We'D Never Have Guessed.. 2/10/2006
1417. 0050 Margaret B. 8/13/2006
1418. ! The Last Shower 1/28/2007
1419. 0318 Five 9/12/2005
1420. 0135an Informal Note To God 8/13/2005
1421. ! ! Wild Thought 2/24/2008
1422. ! ! Eh? ! 3/13/2005
1423. ! A Girdle Round The Earth - I Fly, Master! 2/1/2005
1424. 0162 Greatness 4/23/2005
1425. 0218 Paradise Known 6/24/2005
1426. ! The Eyes Of The Ikon 6/16/2007
1427. ! Wordsworth A Fortune 8/10/2007
1428. ! Orfeo 12/28/2007
1429. ! 'You Have A New Comment About Your Poem...' 11/4/2007
1430. ! The Sound Of Silence 11/29/2007
1431. 0219 People People 7/22/2005
1432. ! Not A-Mused 2/23/2005
1433. My Wife And The Other Man 1/11/2006
1434. ! ! All-American Found Poem 7/6/2008
1435. 0239 The Poem Said 12/25/2005
1436. 0330 How Christianity Came To Britain 5/25/2005
1437. 0010 A Day, A Meadow, A Miracle 6/16/2006
1438. 0298 Cosmetic Surgery 3/9/2005
1439. 0300 Dante On Mowing The Front Lawn 11/16/2005
1440. A (P) Lea To (P) Oemhunter 6/8/2005

Comments about Michael Shepherd

  • Lare Austin (12/29/2004 1:10:00 PM)

    Hi Michael...your piece, 'Just A Moment', says it all about those kind of days. You have a very gifted way with words. I look forward to an upcoming book from you.

    Your Friend in Poetry...

    Lare Joseph Austin

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  • Darrell Rohling (12/26/2004 5:23:00 PM)

    Just read your 'Fingertip to Fingertip' poem, very nice. I thoroughly resonated with it's world-wide affirmation of connection...it is indeed a real thing, a miracle of our mdern age. Where would we be today if this form was available to Shakespear? Finally, this poem reminded me of mine entitled Face to Faith, if you recall that from your earlier gracious reading of my stuff...



  • David Keig (10/17/2004 7:51:00 PM)


    my thanks for your encouraging words about my poetry.....i only started writing this year after a 30+ year break since schooldays

    enjoying yr poetry too and good luck with the book of yr work that is to be published


  • Cj Heck Cj Heck (9/23/2004 3:55:00 PM)

    Hello Michael,
    I know I've been 'quiet', as you said in your warm note. I wish I could say it was a creative 'quiet', but it's a disgusted 'quiet'. This website is really beginning to bug me and I'm thinking of finding a new 'home' for my poetry. The pop-ups are incredibly annoying, the fact that you don't really have a place to post proper notes to people is annoying, and this latest problem with losing everything posted since June is the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back... if you would like to talk, my email is cjheck@barkingspiderspoetry.com.
    Take care, my poet friend.
    Warmest regards,

Best Poem of Michael Shepherd

Love Love Love

Oh it's so easy to say -

'Give what you think you lack -
You feel unloved? Then give love, and love, and love...'...

On the other hand -
Do you have any better advice?

Read the full of Love Love Love

0030 Breasts

I’ve only got to say the word…and
I can hear the male murmur murmur right now
mixed with a hurhur hurhur as of naughty boys…
suddenly lips and fingers have their vivid, hungry memories…
while ladies have their own reactions
not unaware of the murmur hurhur and the fact
that some men think they own these, ungifted, as of right…

and some of us, perforce, have memories as intimate,

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