Michael Shepherd Poems

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0012 We'Re Sorry - All Our Lines To Poemhunter Are Busy...

Your call is important to us.
Please hold the line.
A dedicated critic will answer your call
as soon as they finish with the last victim.

! Another Rant And A Wicked Suggestion

Spent one hour plus on the phone
trying to book a routine visit
from the power company;
innumerable options,

0091 The Scholar - A Dutch Portrait

The scholar, in his book-lined study, sits,
walled in by printed thought in black and white;
silent; by a pool of lamplight lit;
now still in reading, or now drawn to write;

0258 While The Enamel Holds

I've just made a passable loaf:
the mixing bowl could almost
be called a Thanksgiving Bowl -
maybe, could start a fashion:

Sonnet And Sonata

May sonnet ever match sonata form?
whose opening movement catches restless mind;
whose new and ever-fresh harmonious sound
puts spark in eye and ear, and feet on ground;

That Poem

It was a day much like any other.
Too many letters to open right now;
The phone pipped and bleeped and hissed
as it recorded too many requests

0159 For Jerry Hughes

! Miss Gertrude Stein Was As Light As A Bright

Gertrude Stein was on her dying bed;
(i.e. she was dying, not the bed) :

! ! A Thief In One's Own House

‘To steal’, the sage declares, ‘is to take things
not given consciously with pleasure’.

Several times my eye has skimmed over this,

! ! Whose Tears?

I don’t cry. Not
floods of tears cry.
The eyes moisten, but,
It’s the rest of it…: