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! Miss Gertrude Stein Was As Light As A Bright

Rating: 2.8

Gertrude Stein was on her dying bed;
(i.e. she was dying, not the bed) :
the doctor came in, Alice walking ahead;
‘What’s the answer, Doc? ’ said Miss Stein;
that was what Miss Gertrude Stein said.

but the doctor merely shook his head;
standing there at the head of the bed,
side to sighed he shook his head.

Miss Stein was as bright as a bright bright ray
of light until her dying day
(i.e. she was dying, not the day)
and there to the doctor at the head of the bed
she said
‘Then, what’s the question? …’ – leaving
Alice laughing in her grieving

oh yes oh yes Miss Stein was bright,
she, did not rage at the dying of the light.

Not a member No 4 02 March 2007

A state of mind well worthy of this very fine and witty tribute to the irrepressible Miss Stein. You keep us all smiling Michael. Thanks, jim

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Alison Cassidy 02 March 2007

Brilliant Michael, witty cheeky and cheerful. A wonderful tribute to a bright bright star. Goodonya. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx

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Trade Martin 01 March 2007

Very enjoyable Michael.....! ! ! Nice work...! ! ! Best, T.M..

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Raynette Eitel 01 March 2007

Ah Michael, there is that wry, dry British humor! Very well done, my friend. I think Stein would like this piece as much as roses. :) Raynette

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Francesca Johnson 01 March 2007

Top marks, Michael. A clever and cheery piece. Enjoyed this. Love, Fran xx

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