Michael Shepherd Poems

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0243 The Second Coming

This first August week, the geraniums
are flowering their second flush:
they braved last winter, huddled like cabbage stalks
so as to be inconspicuous

0008 A Ghazal About Ghazals

A poet friend spoke of a poetic form called a ghazal
and said, why don’t you try to write a poem like a ghazal?

They’ve been revived in recent years in English, in fact

! Synecdoche

Darling, we need to talk...
no not here and now; in private..
it's about synecdoche...

! The Present Is A Present, So Be Present

Always, behind the known,
the greater unknown…

behind the tedious Latin translation,

Freshen Up Your Love Poems

i wanted to write you a real blaster
so i looked in 'Writers' Weekly'
and sent off for 'Freshen Up Your Love Poems'

! ! The Wasted Landing - Thoughts From An Airport Strike

In the hour of our departure O Lord
In our beginning is our end

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 26

To My Beloved I said
‘When I am away from you, O Beloved,
out in the market place of this world,
I remember that I have forgotten

! ! Kabir Reading 'Kabir'

See this fine manuscript
so beautifully illuminated round the picture –

why, it’s none other than Kabir!

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 27

‘O My Beloved –
I lose myself in the world’s distracting multiplicity,
yet cannot find the One in my restless mind –
I am in a desert place, a place of desolation… ’

! The Sound Of Silence

I’m walking down the street
and I hear the sculptor in his house
working on his statue of Krishna