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And the people there too!
they are the most beautiful sight i've
ever seen,

your reaction
what will be
know to it
don't until you

You found me when
I was broken.
When you kissed me that night at the movies,
you left me completely outspoken.

Most people don't see it,
But I can look behind the mask,
His ego is transparent.

I'm stuck in a whirl of violations,
my whole relationship is a violation.
if we go to far it's consitered rape,
if we stay together to long,

Everybody has heard about it,
Everybody knows the truth.
It doesn't matter how many times it gets denyed
people see behind the mask, they see through my lies.

Your tender lips
Your loving eyes
All the times i've cherished when your around..
I've fallen for you

You know those first few months in a new relationship,
When people try and talk you out of it
Saying things like 'you can do better, '
When the reality is that you can't..

I always used to hear them say that you were just here to play with my emotions, that there had been another lover,
It had been two people too late untill I finally gave in and listened to what they had to say.


When your young
it seems as if
people put limits on everything,
everything down to the clothes on your back, has limits.

Age has always
been a big deal in life.
When your little all you can think about is what it'll be like
to grow up, to be older.

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I am a very happy go lucky person, even though I haven't had the greatest life so far. I don't let a lot of situations bring me down. I have a lot of great friends who each and everyday make me a better person, inside and out, there great and I wouldn't give them up for the world. Im not really a family person, but I do love my family. I also give great advise and if you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to im your girl.)

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The House On The Corner

And the people there too!
they are the most beautiful sight i've
ever seen,
And when I finally did find out how much of an impact those five people had on my life,
I'll never forget that day at the beach,
when Tammy said she would fight for me. The battle was between her and my Aunt, on where I should live for the time being.
She won!
Those were the two happiest years of my life. My two best friends were my brother and my sister,
And when I went to bed each night I knew that they would be there for me in the morning.
Until one day
Tammy said she had bad news for me, she made Victoria, Steven and I all sit in the living room and she told me my mom had one 'the battle' and 'the prize' was me.
It broke my heart thinking about leaving them to live with someone else,
I was moving in with a stranger
A stranger I call mom.

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Michaela Araskiewicz Popularity

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